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Thread: GOP Leadership v. GOP Base

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    GOP Leadership v. GOP Base

    The Trump betrayal by Republican elites won't soon be forgotten by his millions of supporters

    by Laura Ingraham | Updated 11 Oct 2016 at 7:46 AM

    The vast majority of Republicans want Donald Trump to be president. They’ve repeatedly told the pollsters, they’ve turned out in huge numbers for the GOP nominee’s rallies, they’ve given him a record-breaking number of small donations, and they are trying to help him win. Some of them were for Rubio, some of them were for Kasich, and a lot of them were for Cruz, but they have come together in an effort to save the country from Hillary Clinton.

    A small minority of Republicans do not want Donald Trump to be president. They prefer Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for most of the Republican Party, this small group of angry dissenters includes many of the people at the top of the party — officeholders, major donors, “strategists,” and “conservative” pundits. These people have been able to leverage their connections with the mainstream press to repeatedly attack Trump — even though they refuse to say anything nice about Hillary.

    Their fundamental problem is that they are closer to Hillary on most issues than they are to Republican voters. The honorable thing for them to do would be to leave the GOP altogether and work with the Democrats — as some like Andrew Sullivan have.

    But they’re unwilling to do that. Instead, they take Hillary’s side on every issue while claiming to be pushing the “conservative” line. Furthermore, it gives them an incentive to talk about everything in personal terms — as if they would have supported someone like, say, Huckabee, if the former Arkansas governor had been nominated, even though that’s not true. So instead of having an honest discussion as to whether the GOP should be a globalist party or a nationalist party, everything dissolves into personal attacks.

    When this election is over, the vast majority of Republicans are going to remember that their supposed leaders — the same officeholders, millionaires, and pundits who told them that they had to “come together” and support John McCain and Mitt Romney — refused to do the same for Donald Trump. They will know that what they have long suspected is true — the Republican Party is led by people who have more in common with the Clintons than with the GOP base. And that knowledge will affect the future of the GOP for years to come.
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    Laura Ingraham, that is the best article you've ever written. Thank you. Thank you very very much!!

    Trump is going to win if we've got his back, vote in droves, and hold those trying to rig the election accountable.

    Trump is going to win because he is good over evil, he is right versus wrong, he is a real person, a real leader, a real American, and a real Patriot. But, this nation of citizens while perhaps susceptible to being brain-washed and lied-to, deceived and betrayed, snookered and punked at all levels of government and yes, by the leadership of both parties, there has always come a time, a moment, when the collective intelligence is so over-run by the corruption, dishonesty and pile of crap our brains can no longer process because the narrative so conflicts with what we know to be true because we see the truth in our own home, our own neighborhood, our own town, county and state, income, job, family ... that we know without any doubt at all, that we've been lied to and sold out, lock, stock and barrel.

    This is that time. This is one of those moments in American History when Americans once rise up to stamp out evil. Yes, we're slow to respond, we're slow to react, because we are not confrontational and despise disputes, controversy and problems by our very nature and are reluctant rebels.

    But this time, the word is out, the realization is there, everyone with 2 live brain cells still connected and who loves our country knows what going on and wants a correction.

    And by the Grace of God, this time, we have a Leader who feels the same way we do, a Leader who is not a reluctant rebel, a Leader who is ready to fight for US and win for US.

    We are blessed. Rejoice and Vote.

    These Globalist Scoundrels have met their match this time, and Game will soon be over.

    Look at this real poll:

    LA Times USC Poll

    Only a modest 1.3% drop in Trump support since October 4th and he's still leading Clinton 2% as of yesterday.

    So when you see polls rigged by the CORRUPT MEDIA showing Clinton leading Trump by 14% in a 2 way race, you know the polls are rigged to support a narrative that it's over for Trump, he should step aside, and walk away, to which we respond OH HELL NO, YOU NO GOOd LOW DOWN LYIN" ASS POND SCUM GLOBLISHIT!! This isn't over, not by a long shot.

    FIGHT ON!!


    To the MOMS feigning worry about what they'll tell their sons and daughters about voting for Trump because he used a couple of potty mouth words in a private conservation with a guy 12 years ago: GROW UP!!

    Your sons and daughters want jobs, with good incomes and benefits, lots of opportunity in businesses and other careers. Your decision to choose between a couple of potty mouth words and whether or not your children will have enough money to be free, successful, safe and independent is as simple as going to a wedding and deciding whether to eat some stale kale or have a piece of wedding cake.

    This election is a no-brainer. The differences could not be more clear between these two candidates. One who loves this country and wants to fix it, Donald Trump, and the other one who hates our country and wants to destroy it, Hillary Clinton.

    A Nation Without Borders Is Not A Nation - Ronald Reagan
    Save America, Deport Congress! - Judy

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