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Thread: GOP 'trying to nullify' Trump's election

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    I hope you are right.

    I don't blame him for not getting things done the government way. I know he is up against everyone up there.

    I am disappointed in his sending troops to Afghanistan and his schoolyard, public exchanges with NK.

    OK, cut the 'prebate' idea out of it, make necessities, food, medicine, etc, non-taxable and we can get somewhere on the Fair Tax.

    But if you think the people in Washington have dug in their heels over the things Pres. Trump has tried to do, there will be bulldozers out if they try to do away with the income tax.

    Besides being a huge bureaucracy, its also a great control mechanism for the people. They can steer people to spend money the way they want, they can give breaks to their buddies, and let corporations write the tax code.

    Climbing Mt.Everest on crutches would be easier.

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    Yeah I know but almost 80 Republican co-sponsors for so many years on the FairTax. Obamacare had 8 Dems, it passes, we have 80 Republicans on the FairTax and it had 1 hearing 2 years ago. So frustrating. I love that saying, "climbing Mt. Everest on crutches would be easier." So true!
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