Gary London
LA City Buzz Examiner
January 6, 2012

State funds for illegal immigrants...while California infrastructure...schools, roads continue to deteriorate?

In an impromptu news conference yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown announced new cuts to education and other services in California, if his proposed tax increases are not approved by voters.

Attempting to reduce the state deficit and balance the California budget, he threatens to further reduce funding for services to the needy, the disabled, not to mention schools, colleges and universities in California. Many feel he has also failed to adequately address the state's weakened infrastrucure, specifically roads, highways and bridges.

There is also deep concern among state health care advocates about proposed reductions in available funding for services to needy families in California. Even if the Governor's proposals are approved, there will be other big reductions including what advocates say is the end of one of the state's marquee health care programs -- Healthy Families. Changes in eligibility requirements will make it more difficult for those more in need to qualify for further reduced medical funds and assistance.

It wasn't long ago that he passed the second portion of the “Dream Act,” allowing illegal citizens in California to apply for and potentially receive taxpayer funded state financial assistance to pursue higher education in the California state college and university system. At that time, Gov. Brown's motives were questioned. In his statement yesterday, he declared “We cannot spend what we don't have.” To many, this would cleary seem a contradiction. His passing of the "Dream Act" was an unfair blow to legal California residents seeking financial assistance for higher education.

With a looming fiscal disaster at hand, many question his logic. Rewarding and encouraging illegal behavior at the worst possible time, while punishing an already financially decimated state and its citizens, hardly seems in keeping with responsible governing and fiscal accountability.

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