The people that have elected this man must be as ignorant and tribal as he is. We are supposed to live in a Republic, not a Democracy which is simply mob rule. He just wants to keep importing more members for for his mob so that he can rule. The actions of this seditious politician are against the model that this county has thrived on and had success with for over 240 years. The people that are coming here are used to people like Gutierrez - little socialist that play them. JMO


4 Jun 2015

Wednesday on the House floor, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL) criticized Texas for its conspiracy theories and then said God must understand Spanish because he named his son Jesus.

Gutiérrez said, “Reality and Texas should get to know one another. Now, let’s remember, this is the same set of Texas politicians – including the governor and some Republican members of Congress – who are reluctant to tell some of their base voters that no, in fact, President Obama does not have a secret plan to use Wal Mart department stores as internment camps for gun owners, which is the latest conspiracy theory promoted by Chuck Norris and others.”

“We can all get a chuckle from the story about Operation Jade Helm – the alleged U.S. military invasion of Texas – but it’s not as funny when we begin to realize that for many of the Republican Party in Texas, crazy is a constituency that must be dealt with delicately,” he continued. “So I want to end by speaking directly to the millions of families who are waiting for Texas politicians and judges to stop the delay tactics.”

“And I will use the language many of them speak and which God understands as well, or at least I assume he speaks Spanish, because he named his only son Jesus,” he added.

Despite Gutiérrez’s claim, the modern “Jesus” name originates from early old English Biblical translations of the Lord’s name, Yeshua, in an attempt to match pronunciation. There was no letter “J” in Hebrew, Greek or Latin prior to the 14th century.

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