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    Hard evidence voter fraud

    Investigative reporter extraordinaire Greg Palast now has HARD EVIDENCE of the 2004 vote fraud. However, this story has not made its way into the national media - but YOU can help spread the word! (See the call-to-action at the end of this post.)

    Election fraud is a very hard crime to prove. However, as Karma would have it, the conspirators accidentally sent some 500 emails containing their detailed fraud plans to the wrong address (at instead of And these emails have made their way into the hands of investigative reporter Greg Palast.

    This explains why Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales resigned so suddenly, and at around the same time. There is enough evidence to put Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales in jail AND prevent another fraud in the 2008 presidential election.

    Details below:

    From -

    It's one of the biggest censored stories of the last ten years and the US news media passed on yet another chance to tell it.

    This week, Republicans stormed out of Congress rather than participate in a vote to censure
    the Bush Administration for not cooperating with an investigation of corruption in the Justice Department.

    What's the big deal?

    The big deal is that Bush & Co. did indeed politicize the Justice Department and violated the law to do it.

    The big question is WHY did Bush & Co. remove federal prosecutors and replace them with political hacks?

    The answer: They were setting the stage for the 2008 election fraud.

    Watch this video and see Greg Palast put the pieces together:

    - Brasscheck

    P.S. CNN and the other lame news networks focused on the Republican Congressmen and their little temper tantrum.

    What was missed was the WHY.

    There is enough evidence to put Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales in jail and prevent another
    fraud in the 2008 presidential election.

    Why is the US news media sitting on this story?

    Please share this video with friends and colleagues.

    Were you ever curious about why Karl Rove resigned so suddenly?

    Alberto Gonzales, Bush buddy and Attorney General who made torture as American as apple pie, resigned around the same time.

    The two events may be connected.

    You see, Mr. Rove appears to have been involved in a felony called election fraud. And to pull it off, he may have had help from Alberto Gonzalez.

    Remember all those federal prosecutors who Gonzales fired and replaced with Bush-friendly crooks?

    You know why removing them was so important? They were standing in the way of Rove's scheme.

    When this news broke it was on the front page of every newspaper in the world - except in the United States.

    From a talk by investigative reporter Greg Palast.


    Greg Palast has the evidence. It's now up to us to make sure all our friends, colleagues, representatives in Congress and media see this.

    The national media is covering this up (no surprise here, when you consider WHO owns the national media). BUT what you can do is help get this story into your LOCAL media.

    If this story gains traction in various LOCAL media around the nation, it will cause an uproar that will make it impossible for the national mainstream media to ignore. This can lead to the indictments and convictions of Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales... AND... help PREVENT another fraud in the 2008 presidential election.

    Make no mistake, this is literally one of our BEST SHOTS at taking our country back!

    So spread the word far and wide, to everyone you know who will listen. Cross-post this on relevant blogs and forums.

    And most importantly - contact your LOCAL media with this information!

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    This is so characteristic of the past 8 years!

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    Could political hack US Attorney Johnny Sutton, who UNJUSTLY CANNED Ramos and Compean, have ANYTHING to DO with this?!

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    Investigative reporter extraordinaire Greg Palast now has HARD EVIDENCE of the 2004 vote fraud.
    DUH!! Yea, now they tell us after it's too late. Like we didn't suspect the slime balls anyway..yea right!

    Check this out for all of those who haven't seen this yet.

    After this hearing, it seemed that this whole voter fraud thing got shoved under the rug. This government sucks.
    Hey, it doesn't really matter to me, baby, everyone has got to fight to be free. You don't have to live like a refugee!--Tom Petty

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