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    Harry Reid Want’s To See More Lindsey Grahams in Republican Party - Amnesty

    Harry Reid Want’s To See More Lindsey Grahams in Republican Party

    Posted on Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 at 9:54 pm. by: Rick Wells

    Harry Reid had some advice on Wednesday for Republicans following the primary loss of Eric Cantor in the House. While it is sometimes difficult to glean Reid’s true motives from what he says, his public support of Lindsey Graham seems to be an obvious signal to Republicans not to waiver in supporting illegal alien amnesty.
    Reid offers Graham’s survival against primary challengers as a reassurance that they can act in opposition to the wishes of their constituents and it won’t catch up with them. He’s speaking to Republicans, encouraging them to act and worse, to vote, like Democrats. The insinuation is that Graham got away with it and you can too.
    The thing that is hard to understand about Reid’s line of thinking, is that if supporting and enabling a particular piece of legislation is against the wishes of the people you represent, why do you insist upon doing it?
    Reid expresses the view that Cantor was defeated because he weakened in the face of strong opposition to amnesty, that had he continued to charge forward, ignoring the torpedoes that were the wishes of his constituents, he would have won.
    Reid is entitled to his opinion, but it is quite likely the fact that he had adopted that very tactic which led to his political demise.
    Reid said, “I believe the Republicans should follow the lead of Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham was part of the Gang of Eight to come up with immigration reform. He never backed down, backed up. He kept going forward on this issue.”
    He continued, “We need more Republicans who are Lindsey Grahams. Lindsey Graham is a very conservative man, but I’ve worked with him on a number of issues, some of which we don’t even talk about publicly.”
    The support of Harry Reid is not something a conservative would normally seek out. A Harry Reid endorsement for a Republican is not much less helpful than one from Obama.
    Dave Brat, the candidate who defeated Eric Cantor in the Republican Primary unequivocally said “Amnesty, at the end, was the clear differentiator between myself and Eric Cantor.
    While Cantor had not supported the Senate Bill, he was in favor of a piecemeal approach to amnesty, taking a slightly different route but arriving at the same outcome.
    Democratic leaders argued on Wednesday that Cantor’s political defeat would not end their amnesty drive for this year. Towards that end, Reid said “I think there’s such wide support for this legislation. In the district that Leader Cantor lost, heavy support for immigration.”
    One thing about Harry Reid, he doesn’t let reality get in the way of his politics.

    Rick Wells is a conservative author who believes an adherence the U.S. Constitution would solve many of today’s problems. “Like” him on Facebook and “Follow” him on Twitter.
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