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    Help illegal aliens get free health care!

    Stumbled onto this site a little while ago and thought it might be interesting to see the reactions of a few more ALIPACers. Wonder how much more "government health care" we really need???

    Illegal Aliens Can Get Help Now Obtaining Prescriptions, Medical Care, Credit Cards or Bank Accounts.

    How to Get Credit Cards and Prescription Discount Help for Illegal Immigrants in the USA.

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    DISGRACEFUL -- I did notice that most of the "suggestions" seem to apply to California which loves illegal immigrants and loves to give them health care - and people there are surprised that the state is BROKE???!!!!

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    This article is right that there are numerous advocacy groups that stand ready and willing to help illegal aliens obtain social benefits. Lots of college students, instead of directly participating in global poverty reduction opportunities, such as through a church or other religious organization, are cajoled into "social justice" activities, frequently by well funded groups.

    It seems like these two mentalities are like ships that pass in the night. These social justice organizations are very active on college campuses and we even allow them to hold meeting in publicly-financed venues, where they recruit more activists. Plus, they are convinced that they have a legal duty to help illegal immigrants, under their view of constitutional protections for non citizens.

    But furthering the presence of illegal aliens in the US is violating our laws.
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