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    Hilton proudly sponsors the illegal migrant invasion of America

    Hilton proudly sponsors the illegal migrant invasion of America

    02/28/2024 // Belle Carter // 2.1K Views

    Tags: asylum seekers, big government, border security, BoycottHilton, conspiracy, corruption, Darien Gap, deep state, HIAS, Hilton, Holiday Inn, illegal immigrants, Immigration, invasion usa, Michael Yon, Migrant Crisis, migrants, national security, NYC, Open border, Open Borders, real investigations, sponsor, traitors, treason

    Independent journalist, former Green Beret and experienced combat correspondent Michael Yon, who was recently deep inside the Darien Gap, revealed how he found travel and hospitality giant Hilton is sponsoring illegal immigration and United States invasion.The former United States Army Special Forces member posted on X, formerly Twitter, photos he took in the camps with a caption: "Hilton is a Proud Invasion Sponsor – their name is inside the camps. They do not hide their treason. I made this photo deep inside Darien Gap in Bajo Chiquito village."
    He mentioned various famous personalities to make sure his evidence goes out on the internet. He tagged information war correspondent Ann Vandersteel, former President Donald Trump's Former National Security Advisor General Mike Flynn, author Chris Martenson and investigative journalist Laura Loomer, asking them to "share if they care."

    Michael Yon: Callsign BIG HONEY 6

    Hilton is a Proud Invasion Sponsor — their name is inside the camps. They do not hide their treason.I made this photo deep inside Darien Gap in Bajo Chiquito village. Share if you care:@ganaha_masako@annvandersteel@Oscarelblue@crossroads_josh@LauraLoomerShow more

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    In the photo Yon took, a banner of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), a Jewish American nonprofit organization that provides humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees, reportedly within the area, had a map for its services for the "cross-border route." On the other side of the panel, it said in Spanish: "Acoger al extranjero. Proteger al Refugiado." When directly translated, it meant: "Welcome the foreigner. Protect the Refugee." At the bottom of the streamer are the four logos where it said: "Con el apoyo de" or "with the support of" and the third one indicated Hilton/Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.

    "Who is feeding the invaders, where do they eat and who is transporting the consumables to them?" was one of the reactions to Yon’s tweet. The journalist answered: "Many NGOs such as UNHCR, WFP, IOM, Norwegian Refugee Council, Catholic Charities, various Lutheran Groups, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, and many more." The user replied: "Then they are at the core of the treason." (Related: Michael Yon joins Mike Adams IN STUDIO with bombshell revelations about NGOs orchestrating MASS INVASION of America.)
    The said tweet also received calls for a boycott of the said company. "Time to give Hilton the Bud Lite treatment," one commenter replied. Another user revealed: "We just had a local hotel taken over and turned into a Hilton brand hotel. Cost millions of dollars. I do not live in a tourist town that has anything to support a high-rise Hilton. My town is also a 'Welcoming City.' Coincidence? I'm sure the illegals will be pouring in."
    Moreover, one said he'd be tossing his Hilton Card, while another swore that his Hilton Honors Diamond would never be used again.
    Holiday Inn to earn almost $100K per day for taking in NYC illegals

    Meanwhile, another hotel chain is making money out of illegal immigration as the world's tallest Holiday Inn won a judge's approval to become a shelter for migrants in the heart of Manhattan, New York City.
    Reportedly, the deal between the city government and the 50-story, 492-room Holiday Inn Manhattan Financial District hotel is $190 a room per night. For the nightly room rate, the city will pay a daily tab of $93,500 and a monthly tab of $2.8 million. It is at the high end of a range between $115 and $190 the city has allotted for a migrant hotel housing program that now reportedly spans dozens of hotels citywide, according to hotel consultant Geoffrey Mills. According to reports, this is above the average daily room rate of $102. Back in January, the hotel's website was advertising rooms at only $145 to $149 per night.
    Said hotel filed for bankruptcy in November after getting slammed by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic but it just won a big contract with New York City Health and Hospitals, according to court documents. A federal bankruptcy judge in Manhattan approved the plan on Monday submitted by the hotel’s owner, Chinese developer Jubao Xie. It will earn a whopping $10.5 million by May 1, 2024. This would be enough to help pay its debts, which include $11 million in interest on its loans.
    Under the agreement, the city will provide 24-hour security and be responsible for removing "guests that may be unruly or otherwise pose a danger or nuisance to the other guests, the employees and contractors," as per court papers. The hotel will also provide housekeeping services at least three times a week.
    Also, the hotel's franchisor IHG Hotels and Resorts requires that it not be advertised as a Holiday Inn during the contract period and that "exterior branded signage be covered and it otherwise be made clear to the public that the Hotel is not available for public use." If any migrants stayed in the hotel past the contract, the city would be obligated to pay the hotel $750 per room per day as an incentive to clear the hotel out, according to the filings.
    Check out for the shameless policies and measures of the Biden administration in filling America with illegals.
    Sources for this article include:

    Hilton proudly sponsors the illegal migrant invasion of America –

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