Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holder's Attempt to Schmooze Media with Off the Record Meeting FAILS - Most Say No Thanks

Drudge Report Headline 5/30: PRESS REVOLTS OVER OTR MEET
(OTR is Off the Record)

The continuing sage of media-gate continues to unwind like a soap opera as the media-government complex paradigm shows signs of fracturing from mistrust, paranoia and Nazi styled attacks on the 1st amendment by the Obama Administration and its Gestapo Goon in Chief, Eric Holder. Nobody is having more fun with this than Drudge. Other juicy Drudge headlines today:

NYT WON'T ATTEND... Politico article titled N.Y. Times will not attend DOJ session, citing opposition to off-the-record provision


CNN: NUH UH... CNN article titled Holder runs into roadblocks on off-the-record meetings on leaks

HUFFPO: NO GO... CNN article titled Holder runs into roadblocks on off-the-record meetings on leaks

DNC: SUCK IT UP... Twitchy article titled Bam! DNCís Woodhouse tells journos to suck up off-the-record Holder meeting or shaddup; Tapper, Ace shred

POLITICO: WE'LL BE THERE... CNN article titled Holder runs into roadblocks on off-the-record meetings on leaks

REPORTERS NOW PRIESTS... National Journal article titled 7 Reasons Why the Media Shouldn't Keep Eric Holder's Secrets
Across the pond, The Telegraph (British) chirped in with a piece hilariously titled Barack Obama: even the mainstream media has given up on the hopey-changey stuff

The hopey-changey stuff? I can't stop laughing!!

The rats in the palace are scurrying like the cockroaches. While CNN has seen a boost in ratings because it's embraced a bit of adventurism by having folks like Alex Jones on to liven up the generally boring rhetoric, MSNBC ratings are in crash mode. MSNBC is the palace guard for Emperor Obama and its powerful empress, Rachel Maddow, can't even hold the lies and propaganda together as evidenced by the monumental crash of MSNBC's government approved version of Pravda (sorry for the insult to Pravda).

Ratings Crash! MSNBC in Massive Plunge
The Obama administration-friendly MSNBC is taking a stunning ratings crash dive Ė averaging a dismal 175,000 viewers in the adults 25-54 demographic.
For broadcast media, losing a big chunk of the coveted 25-54 age group is like a direct hit from a nuclear bomb. It also signals that the young are considerably less inclined to succumb to propaganda.

While all of this is eminently entertaining, optimism is not warranted when it comes to MSM who is not about to change its evil ways. It's all just about the incessant whining of the pampered, haughty and arrogant lords and ladies of the media who sold out their journalist professions for fame, fortune and celebrity.

But not to worry! The real media and real journalists have moved to a new address. They live on the Internet in cyberspace and they have websites, blogs, radio shows and Internet TV to directly challenge MSM and the government.

All is well. The rats and cockroaches can bitch, moan and whine all they want but at the end of the day they are still irrelevant and just a dying breed of traitors.and propagandists.