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Halt! Who goes there? How Americans must refuse to become like Britain and defend their borders!

June 24, 2013 by orangeone4

  • If Americans fear they have it bad when it comes to a mass influx of foreign peoples with cultural and aspirational incompatibilities;
  • If Americans fear what the rise of Islam within its borders might do to Old Glory’s glory;
  • If Americans fear what a demographics-shifting amnesty bill will do to the politics and culture of the nation;

Then hark, ye yanks, to a herald from across the Atlantic: Your fears are more than justified!

Forget the ghost of Christmas future; the ghost of Ramadan future is what Dickens would have employed to warn you all. If you’ve lived in 21st century Britain long enough, you’ll find that the British people have been beaten to a pulp over matters such as immigration that the overwhelming majority don’t dare mention the issue publicly for fear of being labelled racist. So much so that even I, as a black British man, feel sorry for the Caucasian members of my adopted heritage.

What started in the 50s and 60s as an effort to stopgap the shortage of labour in Britain after two almost-successive devastating World wars, has now been almost completely high-jacked by the Left. Neil MacNaughton writes in his book,Understanding British and European political Issues, that one of the reasons for great racial cohesion within the British Isles in the past was that most immigrant groups were “thoroughly absorbed”, with many “becoming, within two or three generations, effectively British.”

The other reason, it should be obvious, was that immigration was properly controlled.

However, with the advent of the autocratic-political-franchise that became the European Union, its policy of open borders between all its European members, and the gradual monopolisation by the Left of the immigration debate, the UK has seen a ridiculously unsustainable rise in immigration in the last twenty years, at least. Not only this, but there has been such a conspicuous defiance of traditional British culture and heritage as well as a refusal to assimilate by those entering that it really beggars belief. The British people aren’t against immigration and they never were. What many are against, if they were ever given the legitimate chance to express their feelings, is the deliberate changing of the nation’s face and voice by people with nefarious ulterior motives.

Indulge me in giving a very brief history lesson to better illustrate my point. Initial migrants into the UK were from the Caribbean islands belonging to the British Commonwealth, a proud left-over of days of Empire. And then, followed migrants from commonwealth nations in Asia, mainly the Indian subcontinent. These people who came over mostly in the 40s through to the 60s were not just manageable for the economy and in other practical terms, but they were eager to assimilate. What is more, they were proud to be part of British history and the British heritage: stiff-upper lip, Horatio Nelson and all. They came over willing to participate in a great collaborative effort for the British future, Empire or no Empire. Some might even say that it wasn’t a case of ‘despite’ but rather‘because’ of Britain’s history of colonisation and conquest, these immigrants wanted to be British.

Certainly, not as many as you might think saw colonialism as bad a thing as the few foaming communist academics at the time (and still today) did. Instead, many immigrants then were even positive about Empire and the technological, economic, religious and cultural advances it brought to them. As a result they already saw themselves as positively British. Even if they weren’t Christian and were perhaps Muslim or Hindu, ignoring anything to the contrary, they considered themselves of the same mind and ethic as that built mother Britannia. Of course the road to integration wasn’t always rosy and smooth. But ultimately, along with the comparatively manageable numbers these folks came in, this sort of immigration can today be looked back upon as the ideal of what immigration should be about.

Today, it just isn’t the same. Immigration has fallen into the realm of entitlements. And the Left in Britain have not just opened the borders to all and sundry, but they’ve done so at the same time they constantly undermine everything that underpins traditional Britain. A few examples are the European Union; devolution under Tony Blair; the murdering of that bastion of Western society known as free speech through ‘hate’ laws; introducing multi-lingual pamphlets and services all over parts of Britain; unthinkably institutionalising Sharia courts that promote domestic abuse of wives and so much more.

How can the identity of a nation survive these things? It can’t! And it saddens me, that the picture of Britain that my father and mother had of this nation when they came over to assimilate and be a part of her is almost long gone. There are areas in England that one could be forgiven for thinking to be provinces of India, Pakistan or Nigeria. We’re not talking small squares labelled ‘Chinatown’ of ‘India Street’. I mean whole vicinities, towns and counties. I remember being in a fast-food restaurant once and a man of Arab complexion walked up to the counter and asked why there wasn’t a sign up to let customers know if the meat served was ‘Halal’ (Kosher for Muslims). The staff member calmly and respectfully replied that this was because they didn’t serve Halal. The tanned man responded not so respectfully. Glaring at the waitress, he shook his head disapprovingly and started berating her as to why they didn’t serve Halal. Matters could easily have escalated when he refused to remove himself from the queue, having already evinced a desire not to purchase, if another member of staff hadn’t come to support his colleague and ask him to kindly seek another establishment that served what he wanted.

Reluctantly acceding, he insisted on lingering around the restaurant for a few more moments looking irksome before deciding to leave. Sadly, some neutral observers might have argued that the man was well within his rights as a precedent was long-ago set on these isles for such restaurants to serve Halal at certain individuals’ demand, regardless of objections by infidel patrons. Indeed, shortly after this incident, I returned to the same restaurant to find a Halal-sanctioning sign on the establishment. And to add to the singularity of this capitulation, this restaurant wasn’t even in a ghettoised area where the vast majority of people were of one particular ethnic or religious minority.

And so this week when I saw a recently-released video by Liberty GB’s Paul Weston, a lot of what he had to say resonated with me. I understood precisely where he was coming from, even as a black British man. And where he was coming from was where I am coming from in this article. If it is racist to see that the current course that Britain is on can only lead to more events like that which happened on the streets of Woolwich, London on 22nd May 2013, then, like Paul Weston concedes, I too am a racist. What’s this: A black Brit against mass uncontrolled immigration? Now then, isn’t that a paradox for the Left?

By Jedediah Cain