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How our Congress facilitates illegal alien crime wave
Article by Frosty Wooldridge
June 22, 2004
Published in the he Washington Dispatch

Aren’t you impressed how your senators and congressmen tell you what a
great job they do while they represent you in the hallowed halls of
Congress? Do you receive quarterly postage-free letters touting their
wondrous achievements inside the Beltway? Don’t you find it reassuring
Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge stands behind a lectern with the
American seal behind him and tells you what a great job he’s doing to
keep our nation secure? Later, he raises the crisis level color to scare
the pants off you and your family. As if there was a damned thing any of
us could do about it!

With an average of 2,000 illegal aliens streaming across our Mexican
border daily, it’s little wonder dozens of them aren’t Muslim terrorists.
Unfortunately, an unknown number of them ARE Muslim terrorists.

Since we have no troops on the border, no one knows for sure how many
terrorists cross daily. However, Ridge ‘knows’ they’re planning an attack
around election time. Still, he places no troops on the borders. Still,
he does not demand internal enforcement. Still, we are at deadly risk in
this international terror game.

Worse, facts substantiate that corporations, governors, mayors, Ridge,
Bush and Congress do more to aid and abet illegal aliens importing
themselves into our country than anyone ever imagined. The facts bear
this out in every state of our Union. We are under a full-scale
colonization by Third World criminals.

What are some of the ways? For every illegal alien caught crossing our
borders, they are released back at the border within a few days. One man
I interviewed in Sierra Vista, Arizona attempted 11 crossings.
Immigration officials released rifleman Malvo when he should have been
deported, but instead, shot 14 Americans from the trunk of his car. An
illegal alien killed David Marsh, Los Angeles police officer, last year.
The alien fled back to Mexico where he remains on the loose today.

Drug smugglers brutally shot 28 year old National Parks Ranger Kris Eggle
at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. In Boulder, Colorado last summer, eight illegal aliens raped eight American women and fled to Mexico. A Central Park female jogger was raped and killed by illegals last year.

One illegal alien in Santa Barbara, California infected 56 other people
with tuberculosis as reported on April 24, 2004, by the Santa Barbara
Press-News, " Anatomy of an Outbreak." He was one of 13 million illegal
aliens who have crossed over our borders without being health screened.
Is that not a crime if all his victims end up dead from TB? Tuberculosis
kills two million people annually worldwide. It’s streaming into America
via unscreened illegal aliens. What makes it more of a crime stems from
the fact that our national leaders refuse to uphold their sworn oath of
office to ‘protect and defend the Constitution of United States." They
are complicit and an accessory to the crime by their inaction.

Last week, in Wenatchee, Washington, the man now charged with the murder of deputy Saul Gallegos in Chelan was "voluntarily removed" from the United States three times in recent years but he always came back. Twice illegal alien Jose Sanchez-Guillen was removed from the border at Blaine, and once in Wenatchee. Furthermore, this is the third time in recent years that an illegal alien has been charged with the murder of a Washington State police officer. Does it take another 50 or 100 murders of Americans before Ridge puts troops on the Mexican border?

A look at the MS-13 Salvadoran gangs shows them operating in 28 cities.
The 20,000 member "18th Street Gang" in Los Angeles features 60 percent of its members as illegal aliens. They organize and distribute the 75 percent of illegal drugs crossing our unguarded borders with Mexico.
Those drugs addict our kids and create more crime in our cities. Last
year, illegal aliens stole 57,600 vehicles in Phoenix according to the
Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. It makes you wonder how long this
crime wave would be allowed if illegals stole White House limousines and
cars out of the Congressional parking lot every day?

Is the picture becoming clearer? It gets worse! Illegal aliens and legal
immigrants comprise 29 percent of our state and national prison
population. Can you imagine the thousands if not millions of Americans
who suffered from that 29 percent in prison? Doesn’t that make you ask
the obvious question, "Why are we letting such criminal elements from the
Third World into our country?"

Even more sobering is the sanctuary law ‘Special Order 40’ implemented in dozens of major cities across the nation. This law makes it impossible to
arrest, detain or deport illegal aliens by local police. Los Angeles
police are shackled by it and they have three million illegal aliens
laughing at law enforcement in the streets of California. Houston,
Chicago, Detroit, New York, Atlanta, Miami and many others sport this
criminal magnet. It’s a free pass to stay out of jail or from being
deported. This order aided 9/11 terrorists gain Virginia driver’s
licenses. That time, Special Order 40 helped kill 3,000 Americans in
9/11. Why is it still in effect? Because mayors in dozens of cities
adopted it to protect illegal aliens from arrest and deportation! It’s a
dereliction of duty to American citizens.

Governor Baldacci of Maine signed the first ‘state sanctuary’ for illegal
aliens in March 2004. Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah openly encourages illegal aliens into Utah. His accomplice, Senator Orrin Hatch encourages them with the Dream Act, assisted housing and school for illegal alien kids K-12. Mayor Will Toor of Boulder, Colorado aided, with his sanctuary law, the eight illegal aliens who raped those women. Hundreds of senators, congressman, governors and mayors break federal laws by assisting illegal aliens. INS--USC 8, 1325: 274, 275, 276, 277.

Our borders are as porous and invaded today as they were before 9/11. If
anyone is caught, there is no consequence except for a bag lunch and bus
ride back to the border. As of last week, our tax dollars now fly
illegals back to Mexico City so they can visit their relatives before
coming back across our borders.

When will Americans shout, "Enough is enough!" When will they demand a
halt to the average of 2.3 million legal and illegal immigrants annually
importing their Third World crime into our country? At what point do we
create a Third World quagmire of crime and disease so pernicious and so
pervasive that we can’t stop it, can’t contain it and can’t manage it?
What happens when our country falls victim to its own lawlessness?

The facts stand that corporations, governors, mayors, Congress and
President Bush aid and abet this invasion. They will continue unless you
take action. We desperately need a 10-year moratorium on all immigration and troops on our southern borders.

For your information, illegal alien Sanchez-Guillen is now charged with
aggravated, first-degree murder and is being held without bail. It’s too
late for the police officer he killed. It will be too late for our
country if we don’t realize history’s lessons of imminent national
suicide if we allow continuation of this immigration invasion.