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    Quote Originally Posted by LegalUSCitizen
    So far a few of you have indicated you want to go on "a little longer". Crocket, how do you feel ?

    When you all are ready, please tell me and I'll lock it. When you feel that we are not making any progress and are just spinning our wheels, please let me know.

    It is quite obvious that Thereez does not respect the laws of the United States.

    We have tried to talk with her, I think we have been overall very polite and patient with her, and I think we have done all that we can.

    Apparently she will have to learn the true meaning of "AMERICAN LAWS" the hard way.

    Tell me when you're ready guys and I will lock it up and we can all move on.

    That's my gong mallet.

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    Thereez (attempted) to write:

    I don't drink wine while I work, like i just told, I'm havins soem wines as I'm visiting my sister and she's out to work, but returns within 15 minutes and I'll leave this board by them of course. Or maybe she will be home later as traffic in the Bay Area if bad and very crowded
    I think you're drunk my dear. Time to shut down your computer and go pass out on your sister's bed.
    Calderon was absolutely right when he said...."Where there is a Mexican, there is Mexico".

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrocketsGhost
    Quote Originally Posted by thereez
    Quote Originally Posted by CrocketsGhost
    Quote Originally Posted by thereez
    Quote Originally Posted by sippy
    Like I told sherri and she told that too on this board that I did and do use illegal alien services, but with that money I saved, I also gave some to unicef and ticket to ireland, so I think I'm a good person.
    Thereez, so how do you consider yourself to be a good person? Your greed allowed you to break the law by hiring illegals. This is not a simple crime like stealing apples, ITS A FELONY.

    Well I've wasted enough of keyboard lifespan. Its pointless to chat w/ liberals. They have no validity in their arguements.

    Thereez, you have your version, and we have the truth. Plain and simple.
    robin hood also stole, but he is still seen as a hero. And I don't steal money as I pay my housekeeper. I payed the guy the fixed my breaks, I payed the people that helped me move form knox to nash. I support unicef, I support greenpeace, so I'm a good person. All my friends agree with me and I've many !
    Not quite. Your dearth of historical knowledge is again evident. Robin Hood didn't "steal." The Normans had stolen the lands of the Anglo-Saxons and forced them from their own forests, prohibiting them from even hunting for their own food or possessing sufficiently productive lands to raise enough crops to feed themselves. By today's standards, the treatment of the Anglo-Saxons by the Normans would be considered genocidal. Robin Hood stood up against the Normans and reclaimed for the Saxons what was rightly theirs.

    Despite their claims of "reconquista," the illegals aren't "reclaiming" anything, because the lands now possessed by the US were not only ceded by treaty, but were BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by the US taxpayers in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and the later Gadsden Purchase.
    you're wrong. Robin Hood fought against tyranny and helped the poor.
    I suggest you to read more about it and if you don't like reading, just watch the movie robin hood with kevin kostner

    I am talking history, you silly little person. How is reclaiming the lands stolen by the Normans in order to feed the dispossessed Saxons NOT fighting tyranny and helping the poor?

    What I was disputing was your claim that Robin Hood "stole." Taking back that which belongs to you already is not stealing. Reclaiming lands stolen by a tyrant is not stealing. Just as the Scots rose against the Normans under William Waleis and Robert the Bruce and as the Welsh Bretons and Irish alternately attempted to cast off their yoke, so did the Saxons struggle against oppressive Norman rule with Robin as their leader for a time.

    Why does it not surprise me, however, that your principal source for information on Robin was a Kevin Costner film? You probably also think that Robert betrayed William because that's what Mel Gibson's movie said. Sheesh.
    Wow, you know much about history and economics. You can also tell that the world was one piece of land in the beginning. So the Mexicans are also reclaiming stolen land, is that what you're saying ?
    If Bush is willing to reward illegals to get legal status, why can't I hire them ?

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    Thereez, if you are here drinking and smoking pot and trying to talk to us, I think we will call it over.

    ALIPAC members work too hard to waste any more time with you.

    Goodnight, Thereez. Your party at ALIPAC is now over.
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