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    I went to this DLW on Sat at Stuebner-Airline.

    USBORDERWATCH is trying to halt the DLS at Stuebner-Airline. These videos are from Brian with USBORDERWATCH. I went to this DLS on Sat and was astounded at the nerve of these people. At one time they Surrounded two of our members. These illegals and their supporters were loud and very aggressive.

    From Brian: All, I have posted up yesterday's DLW at Stuebner-Airline. Yellow Shirt and his wife, along with the Professor and his, always make for an animated and interesting time. Enjoy.

    Part 1 with the opening score, and initial chants of our friends on the other side.

    Part 2 has more of the other sides' chants and slogans and bullhorn activities:
    We the People. You the Invader

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    $2.49 for regular gas!! Best I have seen in NC lately is $2.63! you guys have it good!

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    California is $2.99 and up. I can't remember when it was 2.49

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