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    Ice funding/ Texas bills

    Called U.S. Rep Michael Burgess Texas this morning. Was told The Royce amendment #2 for increased funding to ICE for to implement 287(g) agreements passed the House. NumbersUSA has been alerting members on bills as they come up for vote. I have never worried about Dr. Burgess as his votes are always on the right side of the immigration issue , but I still call all the time. Sanctuary and E Verify bills in the Texas Legislature are still alive , not on life support yet ,but could use some more support from constituents. As the rules have been changed for the special session all it will take is a simple majority to pass these bills. The dem from Ft Worth did us all a favor by filibustering the education funding in the regular session. There would have been a special session called anyway for redistricting but it would have been later in the summer. Since it has to be done now to fund education, more items will be added to the agenda and immigration issues have a much better chance of passing.

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    Royce on Immigration Enforcement Amendment Video

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    Royce Amendment to Strengthen Immigration Enforcement Passes House

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011, 6:53 PM EDT

    Rep. Ed Royce

    Rep. Ed Royce

    Elected Officials Who...

    Voted to Increase Funding for 287(g) in the 2012 DHS Spending Bill
    Updated Thursday, June 2, 2011, 8:44 AM EDT

    June 1, 2011 -- Voted for Amendment No. 2 to H.R.2017
    A "Yes" vote for the amendment increases funding for 287(g).
    A "No" vote against the amendment maintains funding for 287(g).
    Voted YES Count: 268
    Voted NO Count: 151

    Young (AK-R)
    Aderholt (AL-R)
    Bachus (AL-R)
    Bonner (AL-R)
    Brooks (AL-R)
    Roby (AL-R)
    Rogers (AL-R)
    Ross (AR-D)
    Crawford (AR-R)
    Griffin (AR-R)
    Womack (AR-R)
    Flake (AZ-R)
    Franks (AZ-R)
    Gosar (AZ-R)
    Quayle (AZ-R)
    Schweikert (AZ-R)
    Bilbray (CA-R)
    Bono Mack (CA-R)
    Calvert (CA-R)
    Campbell (CA-R)
    Denham (CA-R)
    Dreier (CA-R)
    Ga.Miller (CA-R)
    Gallegly (CA-R)
    Herger (CA-R)
    Hunter (CA-R)
    Issa (CA-R)
    Lewis (CA-R)
    Lungren (CA-R)
    McCarthy (CA-R)
    McClintock (CA-R)
    McKeon (CA-R)
    Nunes (CA-R)
    Rohrabacher (CA-R)
    Royce (CA-R)
    Coffman (CO-R)
    Gardner (CO-R)
    Lamborn (CO-R)
    Tipton (CO-R)
    Carney (DE-D)
    Adams (FL-R)
    Bilirakis (FL-R)
    Buchanan (FL-R)
    Crenshaw (FL-R)
    Diaz-Balart (FL-R)
    Mack (FL-R)
    Mica (FL-R)
    Miller (FL-R)
    Nugent (FL-R)
    Posey (FL-R)
    Rivera (FL-R)
    Rooney (FL-R)
    Ros-Lehtinen (FL-R)
    Ross (FL-R)
    Southerland (FL-R)
    Stearns (FL-R)
    Webster (FL-R)
    West (FL-R)
    Young (FL-R)
    Barrow (GA-D)
    D.Scott (GA-D)
    A.Scott (GA-R)
    Broun (GA-R)
    Gingrey (GA-R)
    Graves (GA-R)
    Kingston (GA-R)
    Price (GA-R)
    Westmoreland (GA-R)
    Woodall (GA-R)
    Boswell (IA-D)
    Loebsack (IA-D)
    King (IA-R)
    Latham (IA-R)
    Labrador (ID-R)
    Simpson (ID-R)
    Costello (IL-D)
    Lipinski (IL-D)
    Biggert (IL-R)
    Dold (IL-R)
    Hultgren (IL-R)
    Johnson (IL-R)
    Kinzinger (IL-R)
    Roskam (IL-R)
    Schilling (IL-R)
    Schock (IL-R)
    Shimkus (IL-R)
    Walsh (IL-R)
    Carson (IN-D)
    Donnelly (IN-D)
    Bucshon (IN-R)
    Burton (IN-R)
    Pence (IN-R)
    Rokita (IN-R)
    Stutzman (IN-R)
    Young (IN-R)
    Huelskamp (KS-R)
    Jenkins (KS-R)
    Pompeo (KS-R)
    Yoder (KS-R)
    Chandler (KY-D)
    Davis (KY-R)
    Guthrie (KY-R)
    Rogers (KY-R)
    Whitfield (KY-R)
    Alexander (LA-R)
    Boustany (LA-R)
    Fleming (LA-R)
    Landry (LA-R)
    Scalise (LA-R)
    Bartlett (MD-R)
    Harris (MD-R)
    Michaud (ME-D)
    Peters (MI-D)
    Amash (MI-R)
    Benishek (MI-R)
    Camp (MI-R)
    Huizenga (MI-R)
    McCotter (MI-R)
    Miller (MI-R)
    Rogers (MI-R)
    Upton (MI-R)
    Walberg (MI-R)
    Bachmann (MN-R)
    Cravaack (MN-R)
    Kline (MN-R)
    Paulsen (MN-R)
    Akin (MO-R)
    Emerson (MO-R)
    Graves (MO-R)
    Hartzler (MO-R)
    Long (MO-R)
    Luetkemeyer (MO-R)
    Harper (MS-R)
    Nunnelee (MS-R)
    Palazzo (MS-R)
    Rehberg (MT-R)
    Kissell (NC-D)
    McIntyre (NC-D)
    Shuler (NC-D)
    Coble (NC-R)
    Ellmers (NC-R)
    Foxx (NC-R)
    Jones (NC-R)
    McHenry (NC-R)
    Berg (ND-R)
    Fortenberry (NE-R)
    Smith (NE-R)
    Terry (NE-R)
    Bass (NH-D)
    Guinta (NH-R)
    Pascrell (NJ-D)
    Frelinghuysen (NJ-R)
    Garrett (NJ-R)
    Lance (NJ-R)
    LoBiondo (NJ-R)
    Runyan (NJ-R)
    Smith (NJ-R)
    Heinrich (NM-D)
    Pearce (NM-R)
    Berkley (NV-D)
    Heck (NV-R)
    Higgins (NY-D)
    Hochul (NY-D)
    McCarthy (NY-D)
    Buerkle (NY-R)
    Gibson (NY-R)
    Grimm (NY-R)
    Hanna (NY-R)
    Hayworth (NY-R)
    King (NY-R)
    Reed (NY-R)
    Ryan (OH-D)
    Austria (OH-R)
    Chabot (OH-R)
    Gibbs (OH-R)
    Johnson (OH-R)
    Jordan (OH-R)
    LaTourette (OH-R)
    Latta (OH-R)
    Renacci (OH-R)
    Schmidt (OH-R)
    Stivers (OH-R)
    Tiberi (OH-R)
    Turner (OH-R)
    Boren (OK-D)
    Cole (OK-R)
    Lankford (OK-R)
    Sullivan (OK-R)
    DeFazio (OR-D)
    Wu (OR-D)
    Walden (OR-R)
    Altmire (PA-D)
    Critz (PA-D)
    Holden (PA-D)
    Barletta (PA-R)
    Dent (PA-R)
    Fitzpatrick (PA-R)
    Gerlach (PA-R)
    Kelly (PA-R)
    Marino (PA-R)
    Meehan (PA-R)
    Murphy (PA-R)
    Pitts (PA-R)
    Platts (PA-R)
    Shuster (PA-R)
    Thompson (PA-R)
    Duncan (SC-R)
    Gowdy (SC-R)
    Mulvaney (SC-R)
    Scott (SC-R)
    Wilson (SC-R)
    Noem (SD-R)
    Cooper (TN-D)
    Black (TN-R)
    Blackburn (TN-R)
    DesJarlais (TN-R)
    Duncan (TN-R)
    Fincher (TN-R)
    Fleischmann (TN-R)
    Roe (TN-R)
    Cuellar (TX-D)
    Brady (TX-R)
    Burgess (TX-R)
    Canseco (TX-R)
    Carter (TX-R)
    Conaway (TX-R)
    Culberson (TX-R)
    E.Johnson (TX-R)
    Farenthold (TX-R)
    Flores (TX-R)
    Granger (TX-R)
    Hall (TX-R)
    Hensarling (TX-R)
    Marchant (TX-R)
    McCaul (TX-R)
    Neugebauer (TX-R)
    Olson (TX-R)
    Paul (TX-R)
    Poe (TX-R)
    Sessions (TX-R)
    Smith (TX-R)
    Thornberry (TX-R)
    Matheson (UT-D)
    Bishop (UT-R)
    Connolly (VA-D)
    Cantor (VA-R)
    Forbes (VA-R)
    Goodlatte (VA-R)
    Griffith (VA-R)
    Hurt (VA-R)
    Rigell (VA-R)
    Wittman (VA-R)
    Wolf (VA-R)
    Inslee (WA-D)
    Smith (WA-D)
    Hastings (WA-R)
    Herrera Beutler (WA-R)
    McMorris Rodgers (WA-R)
    Reichert (WA-R)
    Duffy (WI-R)
    Petri (WI-R)
    Ribble (WI-R)
    Ryan (WI-R)
    Sensenbrenner (WI-R)
    Rahall (WV-D)
    Capito (WV-R)
    McKinley (WV-R)
    Lummis (WY-R)

    Sewell (AL-D)
    Grijalva (AZ-D)
    Pastor (AZ-D)
    Baca (CA-D)
    Bass (CA-D)
    Becerra (CA-D)
    Berman (CA-D)
    Capps (CA-D)
    Cardoza (CA-D)
    Chu (CA-D)
    Costa (CA-D)
    Davis (CA-D)
    Eshoo (CA-D)
    Farr (CA-D)
    Filner (CA-D)
    Garamendi (CA-D)
    Ge.Miller (CA-D)
    Honda (CA-D)
    Li.Sánchez (CA-D)
    Lo.Sanchez (CA-D)
    Lofgren (CA-D)
    Matsui (CA-D)
    McNerney (CA-D)
    Napolitano (CA-D)
    Pelosi (CA-D)
    Richardson (CA-D)
    Roybal-Allard (CA-D)
    Schiff (CA-D)
    Sherman (CA-D)
    Speier (CA-D)
    Stark (CA-D)
    Thompson (CA-D)
    Waters (CA-D)
    Waxman (CA-D)
    Woolsey (CA-D)
    DeGette (CO-D)
    Perlmutter (CO-D)
    Polis (CO-D)
    Courtney (CT-D)
    DeLauro (CT-D)
    Himes (CT-D)
    Larson (CT-D)
    Murphy (CT-D)
    Brown (FL-D)
    Castor (FL-D)
    Deutch (FL-D)
    Hastings (FL-D)
    Wilson (FL-D)
    Bishop (GA-D)
    Johnson (GA-D)
    Lewis (GA-D)
    Hanabusa (HI-D)
    Hirono (HI-D)
    Braley (IA-D)
    Davis (IL-D)
    Gutierrez (IL-D)
    Jackson (IL-D)
    Quigley (IL-D)
    Rush (IL-D)
    Schakowsky (IL-D)
    Visclosky (IN-D)
    Yarmuth (KY-D)
    Richmond (LA-D)
    Capuano (MA-D)
    Frank (MA-D)
    Keating (MA-D)
    Lynch (MA-D)
    Markey (MA-D)
    McGovern (MA-D)
    Neal (MA-D)
    Olver (MA-D)
    Tsongas (MA-D)
    Cummings (MD-D)
    Edwards (MD-D)
    Hoyer (MD-D)
    Ruppersberger (MD-D)
    Sarbanes (MD-D)
    Van Hollen (MD-D)
    Pingree (ME-D)
    Clarke (MI-D)
    Conyers (MI-D)
    Dingell (MI-D)
    Kildee (MI-D)
    Levin (MI-D)
    Ellison (MN-D)
    McCollum (MN-D)
    Peterson (MN-D)
    Carnahan (MO-D)
    Clay (MO-D)
    Cleaver (MO-D)
    Thompson (MS-D)
    Butterfield (NC-D)
    Miller (NC-D)
    Price (NC-D)
    Watt (NC-D)
    Bass (NH-D)
    Andrews (NJ-D)
    Holt (NJ-D)
    Pallone (NJ-D)
    Payne (NJ-D)
    Rothman (NJ-D)
    Sires (NJ-D)
    Luján (NM-D)
    Ackerman (NY-D)
    Bishop (NY-D)
    Clarke (NY-D)
    Crowley (NY-D)
    Engel (NY-D)
    Hinchey (NY-D)
    Israel (NY-D)
    Lowey (NY-D)
    Maloney (NY-D)
    Meeks (NY-D)
    Nadler (NY-D)
    Owens (NY-D)
    Rangel (NY-D)
    Serrano (NY-D)
    Tonko (NY-D)
    Towns (NY-D)
    Velázquez (NY-D)
    Weiner (NY-D)
    Fudge (OH-D)
    Kaptur (OH-D)
    Kucinich (OH-D)
    Sutton (OH-D)
    Blumenauer (OR-D)
    Schrader (OR-D)
    Brady (PA-D)
    Doyle (PA-D)
    Fattah (PA-D)
    Cicilline (RI-D)
    Langevin (RI-D)
    Clyburn (SC-D)
    Cohen (TN-D)
    A.Green (TX-D)
    Doggett (TX-D)
    G.Green (TX-D)
    Hinojosa (TX-D)
    Jackson Lee (TX-D)
    Reyes (TX-D)
    S.Johnson (TX-D)
    Moran (VA-D)
    Scott (VA-D)
    Welch (VT-D)
    Dicks (WA-D)
    Larsen (WA-D)
    McDermott (WA-D)
    Baldwin (WI-D)
    Kind (WI-D)
    Moore (WI-D)

    Amendment No. 2 -- H.R.2017

    An amendment that increases spending for the administration of the 287(g) program passed in the House of Representatives on Wednesday by a 267-to-151 margin. The amendment was offered by Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.).

    Rep. Royce's amendment reallocates $1 million of funds to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to use in the facilitation of 287(g) contracts, taking funding from the Department of Homeland Security's executive management. The original bill (H.R.2017) sets aside $5.4 million for 287(g).

    The 287(g) section of the Immigration and Nationality Act allows cooperation between federal immigration enforcement agents and local police officers.

    In passage of the amendment, 232 Republicans and 36 Democrats voted in favor of the amendment. ... house.html

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    Re: Ice funding/ Texas bills

    Welcome fellow TEXAN!
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