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Thread: ICE/HSI Tipline 866-347-2423

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    The real issue is how many small businessmen will actually get caught; the corporate employers and 7-11's are but a relatively small source of illegal alien hires.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hattiecat View Post
    The real issue is how many small businessmen will actually get caught; the corporate employers and 7-11's are but a relatively small source of illegal alien hires.
    You're right, we need to go after the small companies, because they are the ones who employ most of the illegals. I gave plenty of details on one small business that we can use to launch our fight against illegal employment of illegal aliens. Here are the details of this post I made in another thread......

    Quote Originally Posted by Captainron View Post
    Thought I would put this up again in case any reader has a situation they feel should be reported. ICE and Homeland Security Investigations still has limited resources and typically only pursues larger targets. However RELIABLE information can help to build a case that they do go after.This is the workaday solution for illegal immigration.
    Quote Originally Posted by 6 Million Dollar Man View Post
    Ok Captainron, let's put this to the test. I've posted the names of large companies that are employing a huge amount of illegal aliens, in your first ICE tip line post like this one. I was about to start posting smaller known companies that employ at least a few.

    There is a company in my area that is very well known by people in my field of work for employing a good number of illegal aliens throughout their 25 year existence. Like I said, they are a small company of only about 20 employees, but they are notorious around here for employing illegals. Let's put this one to the test. At present, I don't know how many illegals are there now, but there is one illegal alien there whose name I do know. He has been there for years and he is still known to be illegal. His name is OSBALDO HERRERA.

    So let's put this to the test. Let's get everyone one here TO CALL ICE/HSI and report this company since we have a name. I will also tell you the owners names who knowingly hire illegals. Their names are Brian Sink and Devin Sink. Brian's wife, Devin, is the one who works in the office doing all the administrative work and hires all these illegals, knowing they are illegal.

    So let's test this out Captainron. We have an actual NAME of an illegal who works there (Osbaldo Herrera). I also gave you the names of the owners. The name of the company is Cryogenic Systems Equipment and they are located at 2363 136th St in Blue Island, Illinois 60406.

    So are you guys all up on everyone here calling the shit out of ICE to report this place to put this to the test and see if anything will get done about it? After all, we have a name. I just provided it to you. Others have reported this place in the last 15 years and NOTHING has been done about it.
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