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    I'd like a Congressional list out before the election

    A Voter's Guide that allows us to see all the incumbents and those running against them, and their stances on immigration, trade, the economy, the war -- all the issues.

    That way we can really figure out how to vote out this do-nothing incumbent Congress in November - every last one.

    THAT would send the #1 all time big time message that We The People are not going to sit idly by watching our country tank.

    Anyone have any links?

    I'm just for one, tired of talking about these presidential candidates. We all know where they stand and we all know they're sell outs. But, if we can vote in a Congress that is for the People, we have a chance at putting these candidates in their place.

    Voting guides, anyone??

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    In the works, we just announced our candidate endorsement process last week. It is a big country with many hundreds of fed campaigns. Give us more time.

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