If you want a border wall, it's time to light up Capitol Hill switchboards today

We have less than 24 hours to remind our elected representatives that the voters gave them a mandate.

December 20, 2018
By Thomas Lifson

We have less than 24 hours left to flood the Senate and House with calls demanding the wall. Our elected representatives are ignoring the mandate we handed them and caving in to the bizarre coalition of employers who want cheap labor hooking up with Democrats who want to import an underclass that will become voters for them.

We need to light up the House GOP leadership plus Pete Sessions (as Rules Committee chairman) and demand amendments to the continuing resolution. They are planning to vote on the Senate C.R. tomorrow night.
The people to call are Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, and Cathy McMorris Rodgers. The number is (202) 224-3121.

Photo credit: Architect of the Capitol.