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    Illegal Alien Report Back Up After DDoS Attack - New Search Engine Progress

    After migrating to a new server after what appears to have been a DDoS attack or traffic from news sites in Mexico is back online and ready for people to post the names, locations, and pictures of suspected illegals. The went offline on Wednesday after Congressman Crowley was seen ranting about it on MSNBC the day before. Although my hosting company thinks it was a DDoS attack and server stats support that it could have been due to legitimate traffic from Latin American news sites that all covered it at once, but I doubt even that would explain the 18,000 plus computers that all tried to connect at once before my host stopped the server.

    To help people find illegal aliens to report online the Broken Border Patrol Immigration Crime Search Engine is up, but due to an unexpected problem running its cron job it will be a few days until it starts updating automatically. When finished later this week the Broken Border Patrol Bot will be mining Facebook and other websites for Confessions, Accusations, and Meetings using techniques similar to those used by Google to index relevant content. Confessions will include people admitting that they are in a country illegally, Accusations will aggregate accusations that people are in countries illegally, and Meetings will aggregate upcoming events that illegal aliens are likely to attend. Additional features include a page about reporting illegal aliens, how to join the Broken Border Patrol, and a shop featuring Border Patrol merchandise.

    Learn more at: and Broken Border Patrol: Immigration Crime Search Engine

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    What congressional or senatorial lobbying do you and IAR do? In other words, how are you taking the information you collect and using it to expose the devastating impact millions of illegal aliens perpetrate on the citizens of the United States?
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    Join our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & to secure US borders by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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