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    illegals own legal corporations in NC

    I learned of this a few months ago and was shocked, frustrated and down right ashamed. In NC, an illegal alien can be granted a charter from the state to operate his/her very own corporation. I recommend you research this in your state to see if its the same. Reportedly, Here's what they do...

    - Apply for an iTin (individual tax payer identification number) number from the IRS - your "status" in this country is irrelevant. Proof of who you are can be as simple as a National Identification card from your country of origin.
    - Apply for an EIN (employer identification number) using the iTin in place of a SS# (perfectly acceptable), from the IRS.
    - Apply for your corporation (Articles of Incorporation) from the SOS (secretary of state), no SS# required or asked for.
    - Use your EIN and Articles of Incorporation to secure your business bank account.
    - Enjoy all the privileges of having a corporation and protection from personal law suits.

    The small promoters of illegal immigrants are very aware of this path to the American Dream and are helping these immigrants to secure businesses everyday. So, the next time you get angry at businesses for hiring illegals, just remember the owner of that business could be illegal himself. It is hypocritical to only focus punishment on business owners when our government is making illegals, business owners.

    We definitely should not hire them, but we damn sure shouldn't set them up in business!

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    Welcome to ALIPAC bobcat !

    Illegal aliens have also been allowed to purchase houses here in the USA.

    In fact, TPTB (Bush's regime) forced banks to loan money to illegal aliens in order 'to be fair,' and that helped to sink our country into the financial nightmare crises we now live in. Funny how the Media never mentions that fact anymore. ... etail.html

    "Thanks To ACORN, Undocumented Can Now Purchase Homes" (2005)

    Spanish-to-English Translation
    Telemundo Channel 47, archived from 2005 ^ | 7 September 2005 | Delines Batlle (translated from Spanish)

    "UNDOCUMENTED (ILLEGAL ALIENS) CAN NOW PURCHASE HOME" (Indocumentados pueden comprar casa)

    By Delines Batlle

    TV47 Telemundo, 7 September 2005


    "New York, NY-- Thanks to a private bank initiative, it is now possible for undocumented immigrants to the United States to purchase a home, without having a Social Security Number.

    A new program, it will now help those immigrants who have not been able to purchase a home, and to help them achieve the American Dream.

    For a very long time, Elena Hernandez did not have the illusion of being able to buy a home, not because she did not want to, but because she did not have legal immigration papers. The Mexican immigrant said "I knew that for me, the door was closed for me to purchase because I did not have a SSN, and without an SSN, you know you cannot do anything," she said.

    Traditionally, undocumented who wanted to buy a home in the United States had to resort to underhanded means, such as with false documents, or with the help of other persons....

    But now thanks to the Citigroup, in alliance with a group ACORN, the Asociation de Organizaciones Comunitarias para Reformas", they are able to help immigrants to buy homes who do not even have Social Security numbers.....

    (el snippo)....this could be accomplished just with a Taxpayer Identification Number.... it is important for all those interested, who want to take advantage of this new program, to contact a center of ACORN Housing Corporation, and you can do it in the following communities:

    Nueva York

    Nueva Jersey

    Bridgeport, CT

    Washington DC


    Baltimore, MD



    For more information, you can visit by Internet ACORN HOUSE, and below that, ACORN Housing and Citigroup Partner on Remarkable Home Loan Product, where you will find more details. For the office of ACORN closest to you, just contact ACORN in Spanish."

    Ron Paul in 2011 "[...]no amnesty should be granted. Maybe a 'green card' with an asterisk should be issued[...]a much better option than deportation."

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    New Alien City-(formerly New York City)
    Shouldn't forget Frank&Dodd. Shmuck Schumer helped too.
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    Yep! And then we got the housing bubble and the bust.

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    Around here the illegals pull the rent to own scam. They find someone willing to sell their house to them and then they rent to own. I'm living beside one who did that. His house is a dumping ground and I am sick and tired of calling the city. As soon as the city makes him clean up his messes he starts another one. Last time one of his cars got towed off for being unlicensed(he had three weeks to do something about it). He was really crying and cussing about it and even tried the discrimination card. My other illegal neighbor paid cash for his home. No loan needed.

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    You can blame Clinton for the TIN. That needs to be repealed immediately and all TINs issued to illegal aliens declared invalid and illegal. US citizens can keep their TIN if they feel it helps them to avoid identity theft etc, but every illegal alien with one needs to be arrested, detained and deported.
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    Illegals are running their own construction businesses all over NC. They are hired as subcontractors by the builder and have their illegal alien friends working for them. They bid so low on the jobs that are available so that American workers don't have a chance of getting hired. Get illegals out of our country so Americans can go back to work!
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