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Thread: I'm tired -- tired of being used. Time For A Conservative Third Party

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    I'm tired -- tired of being used. Time For A Conservative Third Party

    I'm tired -- tired of being used.

    Time For A Conservative Third Party?

    - J.D. Longstreet

    I’m tired—tired of being used.

    It’s bad enough being used, but being used in a losing cause is even worse.
    We conservatives have been the red-headed stepchild of the Republican Party for as long as I can remember. They run us out at every election to do the grunt work—then shunt us off to the rear as soon as the election is over. If they lose the election we are blamed for it. If they win, we get none of the credit.

    They USE US —and I am fed up with it.

    Now, every time anyone brings up the idea of a separate political party, a conservative political party, a “third” party all hell breaks lose and I/we are barraged with every excuse in the world as to why a “third” party won’t work.

    Let’s be clear here. I’m not talking about a “centrist” third party. We already have that. It’s called the Republican Party.

    What I’m interested in is a “CONSERVATIVE” party—a political party of the right, conservative to the core, and unapologetic as hell about it, too.

    It is true that a third political party in American politics will not work—so long as it remains THE third party.

    “While America is traditionally a two-party system, third parties have played extremely important roles in America. These minor parties act as watchdogs, increase awareness about issues, and sometimes even split the vote changing the outcome of an election.”

    SOURCE: The History of Political Parties in America - Poltical Parties in the US

    After taking part—in and watching the GOP implode upon itself—in the last two Presidential elections, seems to me we conservatives have the right to question the leadership of the GOP, which always seems to be drawn (mostly) from the blue bloods and country club set.

    It’s just an observation on my part, but I have come to believe that the leadership of the GOP doesn’t really know how to handle themselves in a fight. They don’t go for the jugular of the Democratic Party when the fight is on. They rarely go for the throat of the opposition in the Congress, either.

    Look. The Romney Campaign was badly managed. Heck, I’m convinced a political science class from Green Swamp University could have done a better job.

    As a rule, I don’t waste my time with losers. BUT, I have been a registered Republican since my 21st birthday—well over 50 years ago. If you have to ask why, then you have obviously not read my scribbling before this one.

    The GOP has been the “gentleman’s” party for as long as I can remember. Thinking myself a gentleman, it seemed the logical choice for me. There was a problem, however.

    See, I am a southern gentleman. A southern gentleman is defined as “a southern male (of breeding) with a bible in one hand and a cannon ball in the other.” James Dickey, a former Poet Laureate of my home state of South Carolina is the author of that definition.

    The meaning is clear. You can be reasonable in a disagreement with us and we can pray together about it, or be unreasonable, and we can—and will—engage in a smash-mouth, hair-pulling, eyeball gouging, knock-down-drag-out brawl.

    And that is my problem with the GOP. They just do not seem willing to go to the wall, to push the limit, to get down in the gutter, when necessary, to take the fight to the opposition, set THEM back on their heels, knock THEM off balance, and take advantage of every opportunity the opposition makes available to the GOP.

    Look at all the missed opportunities to go after the Obama campaign’s throat.

    Benghazigate was just hanging there, sparking in the sunshine, and the GOP did not go for it.

    I learned something as a skinny little kid who wore glasses. NEVER FIGHT FAIR! Use anything and everything to your advantage—from your fists to a two by four. As the perpetual underdog—my survival was at stake—and I KNEW IT.

    The GOP does not seem to have that sort of survival spirit—and without it, well, they’ve lost the fight before the first blow is struck.

    For going on six decades now I have watched the GOP climb into the ring with the democrats and bob and weave, duck and cover, until a TKO—or an outright knockout—is called in favor of the democrats.

    Maybe the time has finally come for me to move on. The question, of course is, move on to where? I’ll certainly never be a democrat. I’m a conservative born (I believe) into this world hardwired as such.

    So, for lack of a viable third political party, I, too, will become an “Independent.” (Here in North Carolina, we have no Independents. Here you are either a Democrat, a Republican, or “Unaffiliated.”)

    Conservatives need a home of their own ... desperately.

    Time For A Conservative Third Party?
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    The sooner progressives and the media bring America to its knees, the sooner the people who know better can put the nation back on its feet

    Changing Demographics? More Like Enduring Ignorance

    - Arnold Ahlert
    Saturday, November 10, 2012

    By now, you’ve heard from most of the chattering classes as to why Democrats in general, and Barack Obama in particular, did so well on election night. You’ve heard about changing demographics, an opportune storm, media malfeasance, etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseam.

    Let me make it much simpler. On election night, for the umpteenth time, I went to the local food mart, and gave the high school kid working the register a five dollar bill for something that cost $2.32. She punched it into the computer, after which I gave her the thirty-two cents. By now, most of you know where this is going: the dazed look, alternating between the change and me, as if I’d handed her the Dead Sea Scrolls and demanded a translation on the spot. Of course if I’d used that analogy to make light of the moment, it wouldn’t have mattered: these kids aren’t just mathematically illiterate, they wouldn’t know what the Dead Sea Scrolls are either—unless it was the name of a new app for their I-phones.

    On the way home, I had the radio on. Without a trace of embarrassment or irony in his voice, the newscaster spoke about a mock vote taken at the local high school. “Barack Obama won in a landslide,” he gushed. After two generations of leftist indoctrination by unionized educators, whose quid pro quo relationship with the Democrat party is written in stone, I don’t doubt it for a minute. Nor was I particularly shocked earlier this year when I wrote about three kids in their late teens and early twenties, who couldn’t place the date of the Civil War within the 50-year spread I gave them to do so. Literacy? If it can’t be reduced to 140 characters for Twitter’s sake, it no longer matters.

    None of this is particularly new. In fact, when I taught reading and study skills in NYC schools thirty years ago, it was exactly the same. Those “kids” are now in their 40s. The only thing that semi-shocked me back then was the fact that most of them were no longer ashamed of being ignorant. In fact, many of them were proud of their cluelessness. Now, most of them barely know what shame is, other than having someone say something bad about them on FaceBook. And pride is all about owning the latest gadget, replacing the gadget that replaced the gadget before that.

    There’s your so-called demographic. We’ve become a nation with a majority of weak-thinkers, allied with those more than willing to do their thinking for them, as long as they get “free stuff” in return. What is the minority offering as an alternative? Freedom.

    Unfortunately, freedom is hard. For one thing, it requires critical thinking skills. For another, it requires effort. Tyranny is easy. Just do whatever someone tells you to do, whether it’s a bureaucrat—or a cash register. What was this election really all about? We are now certain that it is impossible to change the trajectory of nation comprised of millions of people who can’t make change.

    As a result, I have a suggestion for the Republicans, one they won’t hear from anyone else: give Barry and Company everything they want, without an iota of resistance. Let ‘em raise taxes and the debt ceiling, gut the military, and run up trillions of dollars of additional deficits and debt. Then stand back, and let an utterly corrupt media chronicle the demise—without being able to pin an ounce of the ensuing socialist catastrophe on an “obstructionist” GOP.

    Harry Reid wants to end the filibuster? Tell him it won’t be necessary. For the next four years, Republicans will do what a certain Senator from Illinois made a career of doing: they will simply vote “present” on every bill put before them in both houses of Congress. In effect, give Democrats they same unassailable majority they had in 2008—the same one that led directly to the passage of ObamaCare.

    Radical? Compared to what? Watching a president get re-elected, despite four major scandals, the worst recovery on record, and the explosion of entitlements—all of which was blamed on the aforementioned Republican obstructionism? Being blamed for everything that will go wrong from 2012 to 2016, completely irrespective of reality or the truth?

    It’s time to get real: the only thing Republicans can do is delay the inevitable. Why bother? The sooner progressives and the media bring America to its knees, the sooner the people who know better can put the nation back on its feet.

    I know what you’re thinking. What about the hell we’ll have to go through between now and then? A couple of answers. First, it’s time for the voting majority to get exactly what they voted for—in spades. Second, and this applies not just to America, but to every socialist country that has also run out of other people’s money to spend: better an out and out meltdown and genuine recovery after two or three years, than the ongoing twilight of semi-misery we’re currently enduring. Misery that could last a decade more—or longer.

    Any attempt to meet Democrats “half-way” is a fool’s errand. There is no split-the-difference, get along to go along, compromise that can be reached between tyranny and freedom. With respect to the rule of law and the Constitution, you’re either in or you’re out.

    A nation is either solvent or bankrupt. It is either exceptional or ordinary. The American majority voted for tyranny, bankruptcy and mediocrity.

    Give the people what they want—until they can’t stand it anymore.

    Changing Demographics? More Like Enduring Ignorance
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    quote(The sooner progressives and the media bring America to its knees, the sooner the people who know better can put the nation back on its feet)quote

    Everything I've witnessed throughout my life(near 70) tells me the above statement is correct,man will not fight until his back is against the wall perhaps it would be best if a total collapse occurred now then we could rebuild certainly the intend of this administration is to break the back of the middle class and bring America down in world view.

    I grow so weary of commenter's/media telling us we must be more understanding and bring in certain groups,question is how do we do that, hand out more free stuff then liberals so basically it turns into buying votes which is what the Democrat party does now.

    The free give away method will fail, sadly it will take us all down.

    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    People need to wake up. These parties are united in their effort to combine Mexico with us. This election was a sham and anybody with any sense knows it. When anybody from another country can vote in our elections, then we have surrendered our country and both parties know this. This was a combined effort by them to further their ambitions for amnesty. We are the fools.

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