December 27, 2009
Immigration forces prepare for rematch in Arkansas
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Groups on both sides of the immigration reform debate in Arkansas don’t find much to agree on, but they both see next year as a chance for a rematch. The possibility of Congress taking up immigration reform again and another ballot initiative campaign by an anti-illegal immigrant group have advocates of both sides approaching 2010 as another battleground year.

The announcement earlier this month that a coalition of lawmakers in Washington are pushing for another try at reforming the nation’s immigration system has mobilized activists in the state once more.

A group of religious leaders from around the state that includes state Appeals Court Judge Wendell Griffen has already begun campaigning for some type of reform, calling it a moral issue. Steve Copley, a Methodist minister and activist on immigration issues, says he’s hopeful that the push for reforms will come next year after Congress addresses overhauling the nation’s health care system. Copley said he’s hopeful that any legislation will include a path to citizenship for the some 12 million people who are in the country illegally. “The system’s broken and something needs to happen,