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    Immigration poetry

    Here is a poem for all you loyal Americans from naturalglenn. I am LEGALLY naturalized and have sworn an oath to the uphold the Constitution. Swear your Oath, Natural born Americans, TODAY. I will post what I had to swear to later. Here is the poem.

    > What to do about illegal immigration,
    > use the people to keep your station,
    > these people work without vaction,
    > use them up, move on, with your creation,
    > Problem is they won't go away,
    > Yes,indeed they are here to stay,
    > Remember that, they don't like you,
    > Would you like you, if you were they?
    > Well? What then do you have to say?
    > Shall we round them up, and ship'em home?
    > that would just be a free trip for some,
    > and here you are thinking they are dumb,
    > They act as some kind of social lever,
    > the working man, he's not that clever,
    > the elites and business like the deal,
    > and those losing jobs, don't even squeal,(yet)
    > Well I figure the deal is done,
    > just join in and have some fun,
    > have a burrito or a taco,
    > what a policy, kinda wacko,
    > Hey wait! Don't you love diversity?
    > Yes, even in all its perversity,
    > criminals ,drugs, and anchor babies,
    > the 3rd world comes to give us rabies,
    > Pretty soon we'll all go mad,
    > foaming at the mouth,oh, that's bad,
    > don'tcha love the new form of slavery?
    > Just as long as I stay viable,
    > I'll take the shaft, my @** is pliable.
    Just for a little levity. My immigration story ended with me separated from my Canadian wife. She could not deal with the "dress down" searches and constant harrasment she experienced every time she crossed the border so she went home with my kids. We are not divorced, yet. Our marriage broke down, she won't sponsor me, and I am told by immigration Canada that I have no right to live in Canada unless I have a skill they need and can't fill, am sponsored by my "wife" , or put 200 grand of Canadian money in their bank. Allies? Folks, we don't have any. Cheers glenn

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    You have to read this and respond or I will not know to quit or not. lol naturalglenn

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    shameless self promotion

    Hey it's Saturday, maybe this will get a laugh! Sorry about promoting myself, I'm just following P.T. Barnums rules, and this current state of affairs, is most obviously, a CIRCUS!!

    Bring in the CLOWNS! cheers glenn

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