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The Montana Standard

I was distressed and disappointed by the interview with President Obama this weekend when he said that immigration is his major second-term priority, on par with his push for health care in his first term (neither of which a majority of Americans want as their priority).

And isn’t this part of the problem with our divided country, where the political class elite tells the represented what to do against all their objections? Isn’t this what our Founding Fathers had fought against (a monarchy), and certainly what we object to? Americans do not like forced medicine.

Both of these issues are and will continue to be costly to the American people and our nation which must assimilate the poor and unwilling. I believe this will further divide the nation because many of these illegal aliens do not wish to become American, but rather remain in small separate groups as small nations within the nation. And can taxpayers afford the burden of more poor new “legal” residents? Doubtful with the benefit drain and great debt already seen in states where there are high populations of illegal immigrants.

With so many issues facing us including but not limited to massive debt, high unemployment, foreign wars, mass shootings and the recent deaths of 20 small American children, an indebted middle class and loss of our world standing, we question why our president considers illegal aliens his main priority? I hope you find this as disturbing as I do.

Robert Kennedy Cameron

Immigration reform should not be the president