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Thread: An interesting donor question...

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    An interesting donor question...

    friends, I just received this question by email and thought you might find my response interesting.



    How to you plan to have an ounce of effectiveness now that this dictator has been re-elected by the "new America", which consists of all the new legal and illegal immigrants that have been invading the US over the past many years?

    Now, I have made contributions in the past, but it seems rather pointless at this juncture. Obama is going to do EXACTLY as he pleases, now that he is unrestrained by any further re-election efforts!

    Also, it seems now, looking back, Alipac has been very limited in effectiveness, as has Numbers USA, based on the millions upon millions of legal and illegal immigrants living here that have voted and swayed this election. There is no way true Americans would re-elect a president with such an absolutely miserable financial record, scandal after scandal, takeover of the healthcare system, etc.

    What say you?

    After many years of very hard work ALIPAC was able to defeat Amnesty to give Americans a fighting chance and eventually deliver on our promise that illegal immigration could be reversed.

    Obama, sensing this reversal has hit us with a new dictatorial tactic. While doing so has cowered many of our supporters, Obama has exposed himself in a major way by resorting to such a drastic measure. You will notice that Mitt Romney never questioned Obama's unconstitutional actions. He said he did not like it, but Romney never questioned the constitutional grounds, which tells us for whom Romney really works.

    So now we are in this new phase of fighting Amnesty and there are many ways we can prevail, but unfortunately we are on the verge of collapse and having to spend much more of our time and resources trying to rally our donor base.

    Obama may have won a victory by convincing about 1/3 of our supporters they are already defeated.

    What Obama has done so far is not permanent and does not have the force of law, while opening him up to impeachment and possible future prosecution.

    He can be beaten and the reversal of illegal immigration can be regained in about two years without these current illegals ever gaining permanent residence, if we can find enough people with funds willing to continue the fight.

    While we have not been able to secure our entire national elections, we have been able to secure Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Colorado. Our detection ability is growing and we now have a chance to secure Nevada and Massachusetts.

    So if we can hold Obama at bay on official legislative Amnesty for two years and organize and lead an historic backlash in 2014 as I have outlined we can succeed....

    The 2014 Revolution Begins Now

    Without ALIPAC and NumbersUSA, legislative Amnesty would have already passed and you would have many millions more illegal aliens in the country and many millions more soon to be voting as US citizens. Millions of these illegal aliens would also be already in stimulus job positions and positions of authority over you as DSS workers, court employees, police, tax collectors, home inspectors, jail guards, DHS agents, etc....

    Without ALIPAC and NumbersUSA you would have almost no chance of a path forward to stop this Amnesty and turn this invasion around peacefully and politically.

    Obama's approval should drop in his second term and ALIPAC needs to help them drop quickly like we have done with Bush in the past and other politicians. Lower approval ratings will slow or stop Obama's agenda. We need to rally candidates for Congress for 2014 now as launching GOP and Dem primary candidates can stop the currently announced push for Aamnesty in Washington.

    Please let me know if I can provide you with more information.

    William Gheen
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