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    Posted by Marlene Hessler on February 28, 2014 at 7:34pm in Immigration, Illegal Aliens, Amnesty, Border Issues
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    The following is the first installment in a series being brought to us by a Patriot member who is providing firsthand information of the current Southern Border situation.

    Brownsville, Texas. Walking around town wearing my "Stinson & Justins', it was pretty clear I was the outsider. The vast majority of the people I passed were Mexican or of Mexican descent. The distrust, contempt and even downrright hatred was obvious in their mannerisms expecially in their eyes.

    Brownsville is a border town with a long history of immigration issues, and the best way to get the real story is to strike up a conversation with one of its longtime residents, and I found one feeding the ducks at a local park.

    Starting a conversation with him was quite easy. I identified the ducks by the wrong breed and he immediately corrected me. He said he had been feeding those ducks since he had been a young boy. He watched them from birth, fed them all their lives, and buried them when they died...(this was my man).

    I said that he must have seen a lot of changes in Brownsville, over the years. That's all it took to get a history lesson on the town.

    He said that growing up all the kids had after school and summer jobs at the ranches and farms outside of town. And as the years passed by, the Mexicans who started coming over to work during the summer became more and more. And, they stayed longer. Soon they were renting and then buying homes, and bringing their families with them. Soon two and then three families were living together in one and two bedroom houses. He then said, he and his friends were working less hours, then less days, and before long many of his friends wee unemployed altogether.

    When President Reagan agreed to give them amnesty in the 80;s and the government did nothing to secure the border (despite the fact that the agreement to do so was the basis for the amnesty), we were overrun with Mexicans and you would hae thought we were part of Mexico, not the United States.

    He said, "It has gotten so bad in the last five years or sothat if you don't speak Spanish, you don't get much done anymore".

    Then he added, "The absolute biggest increase is in the crimes committed by them (the Mexicans)". He said that he "read just recently that they are about forty percent of our present population and commit more than ninety percent of the crimes. We don't go out much at night because they are all over the place and mostly drunk. We don't let our children out after dark and we take them to school and pick them up, especially our girls, teh assaults, abductions, and rapes are increasing every year and the only time you see the police is after it's happened and it is already too late."

    He then said, "Why don't they go home and fix their own country instead of coming here and trying to change ours".

    Then I (our Patriot) couldn't help myuself, I had to ask him.....How can we expect them to fix their own country when we cannot even fix ours.

    He just looked at me and shook his head. He said, 'Ya got a point".

    As I was leaving he said, "You know if we had Sheriff Joe (Arpaio) from over there in Arizona as Homeland Security Chief, we wouldn't have this problem". And, I agreed with him.

    I stopped at several otehr places and talked with more than a dozen people and they all pretty much said the same thing.



    There are three main reasons for our immigration problems.

    1. The American public, as a whole are UNinformed or are just not interested or concerned.
    2. Big business, as well as small, want the cheap labor.
    3. Politicians, particularly the democrats want their votes

    There are three simple steps to correct this immigration problem.
    1. Enforce the Immigration Laws already on the books
    2. Increase the fine for hiring ...Illegals.
    3. Recall allpoliticians that oppose the enforcement of our Immigration Laws.



    A lot can be accomplished this Novemberby electing REAL AMERICANS into office who will honor their OATH OF OFFICE and workfor the American People instead of their own self-interests.


    God Bless America...and...America Bless God

    Editorial note: Additional information will be provided regarding Brownsville, Texas.
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    Posted by Marlene Hessler on March 5, 2014 at 7:47pm in Immigration, Illegal Aliens, Amnesty, Border Issues
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    Dinner was everything you would expect and more. These people work hard, play hard, and dine well.

    After dinner, J.D, did tell us about his dream. It was beautiful and very private, about his early days being married to a woman who was every bit his equal, and the birth of his first son.

    After he retired for the night, it was still early, so I checked out the bunkhouse, then came to my truck to type up our recorded conversation for his approval in the morning, when I heard a knock at my window, it was his Granddaughter. She said her Granddad had known that I didn't get exactly what I wanted from him and it was fine with him if she answered any questions I might have .....within reason.

    I suggested she read my transcript in the morning before reading it to him and then she could make up her mind to continue or not.

    The following morning, I watched while she read it to him, and saw him nod his head in agreement. And, he threw me a salute.

    His Granddaughter led me out to the patio, sat me down, asked me to turn on the recorder and just sit back and relax.

    Then she started ---

    "Granddad was born right here in this house in ....1926. He was the middle son but he was the leader of the pack. He graduated high school when he was seventeen, joined the service when he turned eighteen, and landed at Normandy on D-Day. He never talks about anything that happened over there. When people askhe says, we lost a lot of really fine young men over there, but we won. And, that is the same way he feels about our family history. He won't talk about it, but doesn't mind if we do, as long as what we say is what actually happened. His favorite saying is ..."tell it the way it was, no frills".

    When he returned home, things here were pretty rough. Everyone gave what they could for the war effort and that left them just the bare essentials to live on. The Mexicans took advantage of the fact that most of our men were in the service and they raided all the ranches and farms all along the border, stealing horses and cattle at night, taking farm equipment, breaking into the barns and then eventually getting brash enough to break into our house whether we were home or not. They beat up the young boys and dragged the young girls off into the woods and gang raped them, leaving some for dead.

    The women fought back, but were no match for them because they came in packs like wild dogs. Several women and young boys were beaten so badly they died within days. When the men came home and found out what had happened and what was still going on, they almost beat them to death. They would turn them over to the local sheriff and expected that to be the end of it. But it wasn't. Over and over they started to notice that they were catching some of the same ones a second time. Granddad really got mad and went in to see the sheriff and get to the bottom of it. He ws told they had to give them medical treatment and then take them back to the border, and set them loose. When one of our outriders found the body of one of our neighbors twlve year old daughters, naked and brutally beaten so badly that they wouldn't even let her parents see her, Granddad lost itcompletely and told the sheriff not to expect them to bring them anymore. He would just shoot them on the spot. And, he meant it. He was jailed eight times in three years for obstruction of justice. We all suspected that he probably killed a few too, over the years, but no one said anything about it. He lost four of his ranch hands who were shot while riding and repairing fence during that time. Today, things are not near as bad, but we see them crossing our land most everynight, we have to have men set out at night to keep an eye on our stock and our house. And we keep hearing that Our Borders are safer today than they have been in years ... politicians have no shame or conscience.....We need a drastic change and we need it now."

    I thanked her, went out to my truck, typed it up, then took it back to her for her approval.

    She read it, asked if she could keep a copy,then gave me the most friendly and caring hug I believe I have ever received. There was a tear in her eye when she said, thank you, and granddad will be very happy you did this and maybe others will start loving OUR Country again and put a stop to this insanity that is coming out of this administration.
    These two days with this family were two of the best days of my life. There were many more just like them wtihin driving distance and I intend to visit as many as possible.

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