IRS digging through 64 million pages relevant to tea party targeting

By Douglas Ernst
The Washington Times Friday, June 7, 2013

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It may take Congress considerable time to comb through the paper trail of the IRS‘ targeting of conservative groups — the records stretch at least 64 million pages long.

CNS News reports that Acting IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel has informed Congress that the IRS is currently reviewing well over 64 million documents connected with officials “who may have potentially
relevant information” about the targeting.”

“As part of this process [of answering Congress‘ request for information pertaining to tea party targeting], we have directed our document retention and retrieval specialists to perform an electronic data search of the records of all personnel we have identified who may have potentially relevant information,” Werfel wrote to Congress.

“As of May 28, 2013, we had collected 646 gigabytes of raw electronically stored information (ESI). … One gigabyte of data is approximately 100,000 pages of documents.”

CNS did the simple arithmetic: “646 gigabytes multiplied by 100,000 pages equals 64,600,000 pages.”