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Jailed Mexican Ex-governorís Son Fears U.S. Arrest in Money Laundering Probe

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3 May 2017San Antonio, TX

The son of a former Mexican governor fears that U.S. authorities will arrest him when he is expected to travel to a San Antonio, Texas, courthouse for a hearing in connection with an asset forfeiture case.

The fears were recently revealed in a motion filed by the attorneys for Luis Armando Reynoso Lopez, in preparation for an upcoming hearing tied to the asset forfeiture of various properties in San Antonio. Court documents revealed that Reynoso and his father, former Aguascalientes Governor Luis Armando Reynoso Femat, are fighting to keep a series of properties in San Antonio while U.S. prosecutors claim they were bought with illicit funds

Reynoso Femat served as the mayor of the Mexican city of Aguascalientes from 1999 to 2001 and governor of the state from 2004 to 2010. The politician is a member of Mexicoís National Action Party (PAN). Currently, Reynoso Femat is fighting a legal battle to appeal two separate prison sentences to avoid jail on various embezzlement and corruption charges brought by state authorities. The former politician has publicly claimed the charges are political attacks. The charges in Mexico deal with price-fixing the sale of government properties.

According to U.S. prosecutors, Reynoso Fematís salary as a Mexican governor was $142,000. His son, Luis Armando Reynoso Lopez, does not have ďa significant work history or earningsĒ aside to working for his father. In addition to having been a politician, Reynoso Femat started various property development companies in Mexico. Court documents reveal that beginning in 2008, Reynoso Lopez and his father worked with other individuals to funnel funds embezzled from the government of Aguascalientes through Mexican banks into U.S. accounts. One of the documents shows that through personal accounts, the pair reportedly embezzled at least $5.5 million. Once those funds were in U.S. accounts, Reynoso Lopez would allegedly purchase various properties in the U.S. on behalf of his father.