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    James O'Keefe Offered a Busload of Ballots in North Carolina

    James O'Keefe Offered a Busload of Ballots in North Carolina

    Published on Nov 3, 2014

    “Of all of the undercover investigations I’ve conducted, this was by far the easiest. They were willing to pass out fraudulently obtained ballots like it was Halloween candy,” said James O’Keefe. “With almost three-quarters-of-a-million inactive voters and no Voter ID law in place, we could have turned the election results for most major candidates in the state. What we uncovered in this video illustrates how easy it would be for a well-orchestrated campaign with no regard for the law to change the outcome of a major election. Voter laws across the country need to be changed immediately to prevent this sort of potential voter fraud.”

    Follow Project Veritas Action at:

    Project Veritas Action has been receiving significant national attention for releasing videos depicting voting loopholes in several states around the country. Last week, Project Veritas Action released a video where investigative journalists using hidden cameras showed multiple campaign workers willing to assist illegal immigrants vote for Senator Kay Hagan. In Part II of the North Carolina series, Project Veritas Action President James O’Keefe shows how easy it is to obtain someone else’s ballot.
    O’Keefe: How you doing sir?
    Election Official #1: I’m alright. How are you?
    O’Keefe: Good. Good. Just getting off work here.
    Election Official #1: What’s your last name?
    VO #1: We easily accessed North Carolina’s statewide voter rolls. From there we were able to isolate the “inactive” voters. Then we narrowed the list down to 30 year old males. The next step to visit early voting sites across the state...and ask if they had that person’s name on the list. We were careful not to say we were that person.
    Election Official #1: 4618 Mill bleep is the correct?
    O’Keefe: That’s the correct address.
    Election Official #1:Okay. And um, I’ll see if there’s anything in there.
    Election Official #1:George Lobeck bleep the third.
    O’Keefe: Yep, that’s the correct name.
    Election Official #1:And Raleigh, 27612. That’s all correct?
    O’Keefe: That’s right.
    Election Official #1: So take a look at this and make sure it is all correct. And if is correct, sign it for me down there.
    O’Keefe: So I just sign this and then I’ll be able vote afterwards?
    Election Official #1: Ah, yes.
    VO #2: Some twenty times, nearly a bus load, we were just a signature or two away from voting. Of course, we never signed anything, but we could have and if we had...we could have voted and no one would have know the wiser.
    O’Keefe: Shane bleep.
    Election Official #2: C-O?
    O’Keefe: Shane bleep...C-O.
    Election Official #2: I have Shane Allen bleep.
    O’Keefe Yeah, Yep.
    VO #3: Just about every time we offered to produce ID to verify our identity, we were quickly told it was unnecessary and almost scolded for offering to show it.
    O’Keefe: Okay. You know what I completely forgot my driver’s license.
    Election Official #2: You don’t need it.
    O’Keefe: I left my wallet in the car.
    Election Official #2: It’s okay. You don’t need it.
    O’Keefe: And you are sure you don’t need to a see my driver’s license?
    Election Official #6: No, I’m positive.
    VO #4: Across the the country there are literally millions of “inactive” voters. These are people who have moved to a different state, given up on the system or perhaps even died. In the states where no ID is required to vote the opportunity for fraud on a massive scale is way too we have proved in North Carolina.
    O’Keefe: How you doin’ today?
    Election Official #3: Last name please.
    O’Keefe: It’s bleep...wer.
    Election Official #3: First name?
    O’Keefe: Josh.
    Election Official #3: Okay, what’s your address?
    O’Keefe: 309 bleep Street.
    O’Keefe: I just sign this and I then I can vote?
    Election Official #3: Yep.
    O’Keefe: If I just sign this there then I go vote, get the ballot to vote?
    Election Official #4: Oh yes, you vote today.
    O’Keefe: Wow.
    O’Keefe: So if I sign this than I can go vote right?
    Election Official #5: Yes.
    Election Official #6: This is the correct address.
    O’Keefe: Now, all I got to do is sign this and then I can go vote. Right?
    Election Official #6: Yes, you can.
    O’Keefe: Okay, alright. And if I sign this, i can vote?
    Election Official #2: Yes, sir.
    O’Keefe: So all I need to do is sign this and I can vote.
    Election Official #7: Yeah, after you fill it out.
    Election Official #8: So, if that’s all correct, then sign right there.
    O’Keefe: So if just sign this then I can vote, right?
    Election Official #8: You’re going that and get in that line and they’ll give you your ballot.
    O’Keefe: Oh perfect.
    Election Official #8: Here you go.
    O’Keefe: Okay, so once I fill this out and sign this I can go vote.
    Election Official #9: Yes.
    VO #5: And then it finally happened...reason overcame the rules. Even though it is not require, these election officials wanted to see ID. They wanted to protect the system. They had to break the rules to do it.
    O’Keefe: Last name is bleep. First name is Daniel.
    Election Official #10: Address?
    O’Keefe: The address is 603 bleep Drive.
    Election Official #10: Show some type ID, driver’s license or...
    O’Keefe: You do need to see a driver’s license?
    Election Official : Yes.
    O’Keefe: Okay let me go to my car and get it.
    Election Official : Do you have anything with the ID?
    O’Keefe: My driver’s is in my car, I’ll go get it.
    Election Official : Okay.
    O’Keefe: Alright.
    Election Official : Do you have anything with your address on it with you?
    O’Keefe:In my car, I’ll go get it and come right back. They give me all this literature right here. You all need to see my driver’s license, in this election to show you my drivers license?
    Election Official : You should, it’s been a long time since you voted.
    O’Keefe: Okay. It’s good to know you’re checking for license so you know who it is. I’ll be right back. Thank you.
    VO #6: By breaking the rules and demanding ID...the officials actually forced me to end the ruse. Amazing how easy it would be to fix the system.
    O’Keefe: They actually asked for my ID that time...I didn’t get a ballot.
    PVA: You didn’t.
    O’Keefe: They asked for my ID.
    O’Keefe: Thank you. Who did you say I looked like?
    Campaign Volunteer: You look like James O’Keefe.
    O’Keefe: Oh that...I don’t that is.
    Campaign Volunteer: You’ll have to find out.
    O’Keefe: I will.
    Campaign Volunteer: I would say you’re his twin.
    O’Keefe: Thank you.

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    I am not advocating violence but you can see why there are violent revolutions. When government corruption and abuses of power virtually nullify an honest citizens vote, elections become meaningless, and when elections become meaningless the mechanisms for peaceful change are nullified. At that point what choice to honest, abused, exploited people have to defend their God given right to determine who welds the power of government, and it is government power that rules over their lives .

    THE QUESTION FOR PATRIOTS IS, WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Complaining about government to one' s friends without action is meaningless and only perpetuates the abuse of power. ACTION! ONLY ACTION CHANGES THINGS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by csarbww View Post
    When government corruption and abuses of power virtually nullify an honest citizens vote, elections become meaningless, and when elections become meaningless the mechanisms for peaceful change are nullified.
    IMO this mess cannot be cleaned up, while 'Bama remains in office. Let's hope that we can begin to build momentum for election reform now, then implement it once the illegals' hero is termed out.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade

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