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Thread: Jim Benvie arrested; AZ Patriots sued

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    Jim Benvie arrested; AZ Patriots sued

    If you don't know who Jim Benvie is, he was one of the main guys filming illegals crossing the Border in the Sunland Park,
    NM area. Jim Benvie was also a spokesman for the Peoples Wall, organized and financed by Brian Kolfaage.
    Jim Benvie has been charged with impersonating a federal officer. They are probably referencing a Border Patrol agent.
    Jim was arrested in Oklahoma and transferred to New Mexico where he is sitting in jail. Benvie is facing up to 3 years in

    And if that is not enough, the AZ Patriots are being sued by the SPLC. The AZ Patriots are a group of citizens filming
    illegals crossing in the Yuma, AZ Border area. This information has been confirmed twice on their own videos. The main
    person filming for the AZ Patriots is a young lady named Jennifer.

    Now both these groups are Forever Trumpers which I disagree with, But let's put the politics aside for the
    moment. The point to get here is, if you show the slightest resistance to the current invasion going on, you will be ruined
    financially. Do you think Jim Benvie has the money to make bail and hire an attorney for what is probably a federal charge?
    I doubt it. Do you think AZ Patriots has the money to fight a federal lawsuit against a well funded SPLC? i doubt it.
    These actions against these Patriots should put a cold chill down everyone's spine. Not only can you not push back against the
    invasion, you can't even film it anymore without fear of trumped up charges or lawsuits. And this was Trump's DOJ that
    arrested Benvie by the way.
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    Lots of pictures and videos have been taken by Jim Benvie and others showing progress of “We Build the Wall” and exposing large numbers of illegal crossings at the border where there are gaps in border wall and gates left open for crossings. They have taken video of alleged mischief by the IBWC (International Boundary and Water Commission), too.


    AZ Patriots at the Border Showing How the SPLC Wants to Silence Them
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    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Unfortunately for this group of AZ Patriots, we know their most likely fate as far as Donald J Trump goes.

    Trump may say something or tweet something about their plight but will, in fact, not lift a finger or spend a dime to help these patriots.

    AZ Patriots does not realize that by exposing DHS buses carrying illegals into America and building the wall through private funds, they are embarrassing President Trump and a risk to his plan to give Amnesty to most illegals.

    So Trump won't help them just like he has not helped any of the patriot groups being censored and de-platformed by Silicon Valley liberals.
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