Obama unfit to lead military attacks

Exclusive: Joseph Farah tells prez 'to shut up about all the people he wants to bomb'

Joseph Farah
Published: 6 hours ago

Last week Barack Obama was ready to attack Syria.

This week he says he’s ready to attack Iran.

How do I put this delicately?

Barack Obama is unfit to lead any military attack by the U.S. – even one designed to deprive Iran of nuclear weapons that, ultimately, may be used against us.

Why do I say this?

Let’s start with the fact that Obama has stripped the U.S. military of its readiness to conduct even an itsy-bitsy, gratuitous, show-of-force campaign as his top aides, in a moment of candor, described what they had in mind for Syria. There are grave doubts being expressed by defense experts in Congress to support what I am saying.

The worst thing the U.S. could ever do is what Jimmy Carter did in his effort to rescue hostages being held in Iran – fail miserably because of equipment problems, poor planning and political indecisiveness.

If we ever do attack Iran, the outcome must be well-considered, decisive and effective. Those three prerequisites do not belong in the same sentence as the name Barack Obama.

Another reason the idea is bad is because Obama has a way of broadcasting his plans to those he plans to attack that eliminates any element of surprise. By now, everyone in the world knows Iran is developing nuclear weapons as rapidly as it can. Most of us who follow such developments have known this for a decade. We also knew no amount of diplomacy was ever going to get Iran to back down. But that’s the course Obama chose.

In fact, he has claimed fairly recently that his effort was working.

In fact, he said it again this week!

For heaven’s sake, if diplomacy is working, why would we attack? It doesn’t make any sense. This is an example of why Obama is simply not up to being a commander in chief of the U.S. military – and certainly not the guy we would want starting another Middle East war.

Obama’s ill-conceived, irrational effort to attack Syria, a nation that poses no national security threat to the U.S., is another reason his military posturing on Iran worries me. Why was he going to attack Syria? He claimed it was because they used chemical weapons.

While that claim is questionable, there was absolute, unequivocal certainty that Saddam Hussein used massive amounts of chemical weapons against his own Kurdish population as well as Iran. But Obama opposed the invasion of Iraq. He opposed it forcefully and continuously. To state the obvious, that’s inconsistent. And the last thing you want to do in committing U.S. military personnel to action is to be inconsistent in your policies and defense doctrine.

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Also, having made so much of his military gesture toward Syria, it now becomes clear that Iran was his target all the time. Why is he suddenly so hawkish toward Iran after a decade of insisting diplomacy would get Tehran to back down?

It’s obvious who is pulling Obama’s strings – Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia fears Iran as much or more than Israel does.

And, once again, the U.S. has put itself in the position of doing Saudi Arabia’s bidding. As I have said, the U.S. military has become the de facto mercenary army of Riyadh. And that is a tragic state of affairs – one I find utterly sickening.

Do we really want to continue to take sides with Saudi Arabia in the Middle East?

Do we really want to take sides with the Sunnis against the Shiites in a religious war?

Do we really want to sacrifice the welfare of millions of Christians in the Middle East who are much more threatened by Sunni rule than by Shiite rule?

These are some of the questions that are not being debated in this country. Yet, they need to be before recklessly pursuing more wars without long-term, winnable objectives.

Nuclear facilities have been taken out successfully in the past. Israel has demonstrated its expertise in this arena more than once. When they have done so, they have not talked about it in advance. They have not attempted fruitless diplomatic campaigns to get their life-and-death enemies to disarm. They have quietly made plans and executed them with great precision and effectiveness.

That’s the only way campaigns like this should be conducted.

Obama is incapable of participating in such campaigns. He is certainly incapable of leading them. He is in over his head. He has no experience in such matters. He has disarmed our own military. He is a laughingstock among other nations for his foreign policy mistakes. He has proven he is simply unfit for commanding any military attacks.

God forbid the U.S. finds itself in a position during the remainder of his term that requires us to defend ourselves against an imminent threat. In the meantime, someone throw a net over this guy and tell him to shut up about all the people he wants to bomb!