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Thread: Karl Rove: Donald Trump Can’t Win

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    Karl Rove: Donald Trump Can’t Win

    Karl Rove: Donald Trump Can’t Win

    “I don’t see it happening.”
    10/23/2016 10:48 am ET

    Zach Carter Senior Political Economy Reporter, The Huffington Post

    Karl Rove is throwing in the towel.

    In an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” the Republican strategist said that Donald Trump’s poll numbers are simply too dismal to end in victory on election night.

    “I don’t see it happening,” Rove told Fox. “If he plays an inside straight, he could get it, but I doubt he’s going to be able to play it.”

    Rove explained Trump’s electoral vote deficit, swing state by swing state. Mitt Romney only won 206 electoral votes in 2012, and according to Rove’s judgment, Trump can only feel comfortable about 168, with just over two weeks to go before the Nov. 8 election.

    Trump, Rove said, is barely eking out a polling lead in Ohio and Iowa, which Obama won in 2012. But he is also behind in North Carolina and Arizona, states that Romney won. And his deficit in other electoral vote-rich states like Florida is so severe that he is unlikely to pull ahead.

    “I doubt that in the just over two weeks we’ve got left, conducting the kind of campaign he’s conducting, that he’s going to be able to swing 1 out of every, you know, 10 voters, 1 out of every 12 voters, 1 out of every 15 voters and 1 out of every 6 voters in a state and convert them,” Rove said.

    Rove is not a man who gives up easily. In 2012, he had an on-air meltdown over whether Romney had won or lost Ohio, insisting in vain that the Republican nominee still had a chance to win the election. Romney lost.

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    Karl Rove is an idiot, because he's relying on rigged polls in a rigged system during a rigged election for his opinions, which makes them ... worthless and if he had any common sense or intelligence he would know that in those circumstances, all bets are off.

    When a media and polling conspiracy among MEDIA sponsored polls are polling Democrats at 9% more than exist in our population, those polls can't be relied upon. That's what all the MEDIA polls are doing and I would guess some of the University polls have thrown in the towel and decided to follow suit so their polls match up more with the big polls to perpetuate this false narrative.

    The reason they're doing this is to discourage Trump Supporters and dissuade Trump Leaning and Undecideds from "wasting their vote" voting for a loser.

    It's voter and public manipulation at its worst. One question now is whether we will as a voting public fall for it and unwittingly submit to such a fraud. The other question is can this remarkable person named Donald J Trump overcome such nastiness and unfairness.

    To question one, I don't believe Americans are going to elect a NASTY CROOK President of the United States. To question two, I don't believe Donald Trump will let that happen.

    Be of good cheer, do not despair, work hard, get the vote out, stand up for Trump on everything because he's right and deserves our support, and lets WIN THIS THING so our dear Donald Trump can get busy fixing our country.



    Americans want positive change that Trump will implement, not more lies and betrayal from the Clintons.

    Americans want a real leader who gets things done, who didn't want this job, but had to do it because no one else has or will, not the same o same o open borders, free trade treason and corruption of Hillary Clinton that bankrupted our treasury and impoverished our people.
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    Karl Rove is part of the Mitt Romney, Glenn Beck, John McCain, Paul Ryan, Evan McMullen campaign to throw the race to Hillary Clinton by backstabbing Donald Trump!

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    Don't forget the Bushes.

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    Karl Rove IS an idiot who is part of the GOP establishment elite who wants to stay in power no matter how badly it hurts the nation or the party. I hope everyone knows that and no one is listening to him!
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    Karl Rove was wrong on how many races last time? He really lost his cred a long time ago.

    Don't let these people make you think it is over so that you will stay home - Vote
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    I just got a guy on a pro Trump FB page interested in phone calling. He didn't know what a phone bank was, but did say he had spare time from his business. I said he could call 100 people in probably five hours time. That's if everything goes right! There are several pro-Trump FB pages, with names like "Deplorables for Trump"--they need to be urged into specific action.
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