Kerry Bombs At Syria Hearing: Blames Obama For Assad Using Chemical Weapons, Suggests US May Put Boots On The Ground

By: Marc Thiessen
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Testifying on Capitol Hill, Secretary of State John Kerry just made a stunning admission. He declared:

One of the reasons Assad has been using these materials is because they have, up until now, made the calculation that the West writ large and the United States particularly are not going to do anything about it. Impunity is already working to kill a lot of people and to make things more dangerous. I guarantee you that is in their assessment.

That is a shocking self-indictment of the Obama administration’s Syria policy.
Parse with me: Kerry says that the “West writ large and the United States” had allowed Assad to kill “a lot of people” with “impunity.” Well, the leader of the “the West writ large and the United States” is President Obama.

Obama’s policy “impunity” led the Syrian dictator to assess that if he used chemical weapons, “the West writ large and the United states” (aka Obama) were “not going to do anything about it.”

In other words, it’s Obama’s fault Assad crossed the red line on chemical weapons. US policy led Assad to think he could get away with it. So says Obama’s secretary of state.

I wonder how it will go over in the Oval Office.
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Kerry also testified before the committee that, should Syria "implode", the United States may need to reevaluate their options:

By: The Right Scoop
Allahpundit puts this in the proper context:
By “implodes,” he means a situation where Assad loses control of his WMD and we need to go in and grab them before some fanatic native outfit grabs them first. Which is funny because, right offhand, I can’t think of anything that’s more likely to increase the risk of that happening than bombing the hell out of Syrian military units who are in charge of those weapons.
What’s even funnier (not really) is that rebels already have the WMDs. So what happens is we bomb the place and then declare the rebels have gotten their hands on chemical weapons, then declare we need to put boots on the ground to finish…Assad so we can…oh crap, I’m lost already. I’m not sure how they can argue going after Assad in that context. But I’m sure they’ll think of a way.

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