Koch Brothers Super PAC adds another $6.5 million in TV ads

Support for Republicans in six battleground states

By Jon Ward 2 hours agoYahoo News

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WASHINGTON ― The Koch brothers-backed super PAC is adding to its TV spending over the final two weeks leading up to the midterm elections, dropping an additional $6.5 million into six competitive U.S. Senate races.

Freedom Partners Action Fund is releasing new TV ads Wednesday in Iowa, Colorado, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Arkansas and Alaska.

Each 30-second ad begins with a few bullet-point criticisms of the Democratic candidate in that particular state ― often delivered by a female voter ― but all of the ads end similarly: linking the Democratic candidate to President Obama.

“A vote for Mark Begich is a vote for President Obama and his failed policies,” the Alaska ad says.

FPAF spokesman James Davis said in a statement that the ads are premised on the belief that "voters feel a country spinning out of control and see a government that is not acting responsibly."

Freedom Partners Action Fund has already spent almost $15 million during this election cycle in ads for Republicans and against Democrats. However, the additional $6.5 million being spent now is buying less airtime because higher rates are charged as the election date draws near.