Kris Kobach: New Way Forward Act ‘Would Turn Every City in America into a Sanctuary City’

by Jeff Poor 21 Feb 2020

The Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives has put forth the so-called New Way Forward Act, which would change immigration policy in the United States, including blocking deportation for alien criminals. That has former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach concerned.
During an appearance on Fox News on Thursday, Kobach explained the dangers of the legislation.

“The message sent by the New Way Forward Bill, you mentioned many of the problems in it,” he said. “On top of what you mentioned, Tucker, there’s another problem. It would turn every city in America into a sanctuary city. Local police would be forbidden from helping I.C.E. in any way, and so just imagine thousands of Americans would lose their lives, would be injured.”

“And if you’re one of those victims who has been — of someone who has been brought back into the United States, you’ve been injured by the illegal alien and you’ve been betrayed by your country,” Kobach continued. “In the name of what? It’s insane.”

Kobach rejected the idea Democrats could make immigration policy like what is in the New Way Forward Bill a winning issue in an election.

“Thank goodness, no,” Kobach replied. “I don’t think so. Certainly not among Republicans and the vast majority of Independents don’t embrace this idea and I think even a lot of Democrats to are rejecting how the leadership of their party has gone so far to the left. So much for embracing illegality in this country, and as you pointed out, embracing illegal alien criminals so much that they want to fly them back to the United States after they’ve been deported. I can’t see how that makes sense to most voters, and including Democrats.”