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    Laid off Americans lose pay while Indian H-1B's keep their's ... 95554.html

    Verizon Complaints - Pays H1B Visa Holders but not US citizens during recurring layoff period

    Hello recently we were told there will be two-week layoff periods starting in July and again in October. Verizon will not be paying its US Citizen workers during the recurring layoffs but they will continue to pay their H1B Guest Workers their salaries (even though they too are technically "laid off" during this time. This is an unfair business practice and it makes no sense why our Govt would allow this!! We are US Citizens if you are paying your foreign guest workers but not your US Citizens then DAMMIT you have NO BUSINESS here in America! Who do these companies think they are?? Import people from India into American MIDDLE CLASS jobs, and then even when there is a layoff they STILL GET PAID THEIR SALARIES??? But Americans dont?? They say they have to do this as this is a policy Obama put in place when he assumed office unter the TARP bill.
    So its ok for some NON US CITIZEN to still be able to pay his bills but me who worked his WHOLE LIFE to get the job he has, I get to go without because I am not a foreiger?? this worlsd really ished up and im steamed, slumdogs


    " 4 days ago by WaveSurfer12 0 Votes

    I see a lot of this in my Verizon office. Many H1B Employees who not only seem to get preferential treatment, but I actually had a Director tell me that he "Could not even consider RIF'ing one of the H1B EMployees because "they could get deported if they loose their Job". This was regardless of any status, skills, years on the job, performance, etc.
    I was told that my Manager made a statement that he "prefers to hire and retain persons here on H1b Visas because "people from India middle eastern cultures make better IT Professionals". It is disgraceful that I have to consider that my job is less secure than another person whom is here on an H1B Visa just becuase of their status and prejudicial bias by a
    Manager. I have seen preferential treatment for these Employees first hand. I have nothing against any of these Emplyees and I look at them in the same way as any other citizen, many of them are my friends.

    It's incredible how many Jobs have been outsourced oversea's by Verizon and not only how it has hurt Americans job wise, but in customer support dissatisfaction as well. This H1B Situation seem to be just another side of American Jobs going away, only not always overseas, right here as well in some respects. I know that a lot of the money made here by H1B persons goes right back overseas to families in other Countries from what they tell me.

    When the U.S. Government states that it's concerned about Jobs and the economy, can we really take them seriously ? Is it the American people that they are concerned about helping, or just big Companies/CEO's and persons here on H1B Visas and the economies of countries abroad."

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    Remember last year when Congress was getting more nursing VISAS. Now in my community nurses are being laid off. No more - ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    Call Congress, Email Congress, Have a Town Hall Meeting on H-1B and others.
    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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