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    Latino Vote Is The Ticket for Super Tuesday

    "Hillary Rodham Clinton is banking on her longtime ties to the Hispanic community to give her an edge as she heads into the Super Tuesday primaries that include a slew of Latino-rich states."

    Next she will sign up ILLEGALS. We need the SAVE Act passed.

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    This is ridiculous. There are already laws on the books that should keep her from registering illegal aliens. If she helps this effort, then that is aiding and abetting at the least. But if the SAVE act is needed to stop her, we need to move on this. If the ClintonObomination scenario wins the Presidency, it won't be because of the latino vote, it will be because there's a flood of people who want to end the war in Iraq. For the Dems, that is the number one issue.
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    Sorry guys. They've been lined up to sign up in AZ. We're weak in this area which bad because we have one of the strongest approaches.

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