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    Letter From ‘Israel’ To John Kerry Calls Him Out On Supporting The Enemy: ‘Get Out’ a

    Letter From ‘Israel’ To John Kerry Calls Him Out On Supporting The Enemy: ‘Get Out’ and ‘Stay Out’

    Posted by Dom The Conservative On February 24, 2014 0 Comment

    Conservative Tribune — It is not much of a secret that the liberal Secretary of State John Kerry does not hold Israel in the highest regard, and the feeling is quite mutual.

    John Kerry recently lent his support and backing to the EU efforts to boycott Israeli goods produced in the disputed settlements.

    The Secretary of State also proposed the unbelievable idea of stationing US troops on the borders of a new “Palestinian” state, to “protect them” from Israel.

    These actions have not won over many friends in Israel, as evidenced by this Dear John letter written by Doni Kandel:
    Dear John Kerry,
    It’s over between us. Please get out.
    And just so you aren’t wondering, it’s not us; it’s definitely you.
    We, the people of the State of Israel, do not want you around anymore. Your monthly visits are starting to border on stalker-like. We are thinking about changing the locks. And don’t get us confused with your buddy Barack; when we say we are closing the border, we mean it.
    The people of Israel are not pleased with Kerry’s support for their enemies. They say that actions speak louder than words, and continue with:
    This whole time we have been together you have missed the point. Israel does want peace.

    What we do not want is a deal we are forced to make at metaphorical and literal gunpoint with a “partner” who has no interest in honoring any deal, and has stated as much in every language he knows how to speak. Why must Ya’alon be silent when Abbas runs around inciting hatred and violence, hugging terrorists and honoring falling martyrs? What kind of sick double-standard is that? You may claim to love us (we are not buying that either, by the way), but you certainly don’t get us at all.
    John Kerry seems to be obsessed with brokering some sort of peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. But he seems to be in it more for his own glory than for the benefit of those involved. It is apparent that the Israelis do not want Kerry involved with them anymore. It would also be a safe assumption that the Palestinians probably have minimal respect for Kerry either. Perhaps it would be best for all parties involved if John Kerry would just stay out of the situation, and let the Israelis, Palestinians and other Middle Eastern countries solve their own problems themselves.
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