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    letter to the SJ Mercury News: Biased PPIC poll

    From my email at ALIPAC...

    Watch our for a recent PPIC poll. See my letter to the SJ Mercury News, below. ============== --------------------- begin letter ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Public Policy Institute of California poll, which you used as your basis for your recent article with the headline "State favors immigrant legalization", was seriously biased. PPIC did not ask if people preferred a) granting legal residency to illegals to b) granting them citizenship. Their poll asked only two questions about immigrants, and only one of them addressed policy toward illegal immigrants. The poll was severely slanted toward producing a generous response toward illegal immigrants. Do you prefer biased polls? Or did you not see it was biased? You not only used it, you headlined the results on page B1 (Jan 31). Look, the first of their two questions, number 38, asks if immigrants are a benefit or a burden. It does not ask if ILLEGAL immigrants are a benefit or a burden. It does not use the common phrase "immigrants, both legal and illegal, ..." which alerts the responder that both categories are under discussion. Instead the PPIC just said "immigrants". Some, hearing that, are going to respond as if the question were about legal immigrants. That usage is common. One example: G. Johnson quoted in today's (2/9) Mercury news on page C-1 said "Immigrants are job creators". Clearly he meant "Legal immigrants are job creators." Having sneakily established in some responders minds that the topic under discussion is legal immigrants, the poll then throws a curve ball. Question 39 asks about policy toward illegal immigrants. It asks if the should be allowed to "keep their jobs." Responders are not alerted to the change of topic. They have been set up with the feeling "I like immigrants", then asked about illegal immigrants. But wait, there's more. The responders are not offered the the 3 options "let them be citizens", "let them be legal permanent residents", or "let them be temporary legal residents." They are only offered, implicitly, the last of these options. And, surprise, it is the option least likely to generate resistance from the responders. This biases the results toward forgiveness. And there's more. The "keep their jobs" phrasing implies all illegal aliens are employed. It dodges the thought that some aren't, and are competing with unemployed legal workers for jobs. The PPIC poll was terrible. I am disappointed that you used it. ------------ end letter -----------
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    Again and again we see that amnesty proponents ignore the fact that illegals undercut Americans for jobs.
    Americans first in this magnificent country

    American jobs for American workers

    Fair trade, not free trade

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