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    Hello All --

    The sanctuary city list went so well (with your assistance) I'm starting a Memorial which will list all the "known" Americans killed by illegal aliens.

    What this project does is document the devistation illegal immigration is having on families by connecting the dots (deaths) so hopefully all these people will not have died in vain. [There is a lot of blood on not only the hands of the illegals, their supporters, but also Congress and the President.

    I've already started to add a few names of those killed. If you know of someone you would like added, post it here (victim's name, age, etc./killers name, any previous convictions, deportations, please be extremely accurate!) or send an email. I will try to veryify each. If I can't, it may or may not be posted. I don't want erroneous info on the list.

    Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

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    Americans who have died because of our unsecured borders

    No More Deaths

    list created by DA King and the Dustin Inman Society ... eaths.html
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    Many here probably know about this one too:

    Looks as though it's been updated recently.

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    I am sending the president, vice president and all of my senators and candidates a copy of this link. Those that are fighting for the right of amnesty need to see what they are fighting for!

    I hope they are proud of themselves.

    Those in the fight against illegal immigration...then they need to add this to the list of the important reasons of why we are fighting.
    Please help save America for our children and grandchildren... they are counting on us. THEY DESERVE the goodness of AMERICA not to be given to those who are stealing our children's future! ... and a congress who works for THEM!
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    Here is the Denver Post article about one policeman who was killed and another one shot by an illegal, who then ran off to Mexico. The only way we could get him back for trial was to guarantee the Mexico government he wouldn't be executed.

    Witnesses recount fatal night for cop
    By Howard Pankratz
    Denver Post Staff Writer

    A woman was cradling slain Denver police Detective Donnie Young's head.

    Detective Jack Bishop was standing nearby, wounded and pale.

    "It was just very bad. It was a very bad scene," said Capt. Mike Calo. He had just arrived at the Salon Ocampo social hall, where Young and Bishop were working as security at a baptismal party, responding to Bishop's frantic call of "officer down."

    "A lady was holding his head off the floor. I started to talk to him and told him he'd be OK," a shaken Calo testified Thursday. Then Calo noticed Bishop was in trouble, too.

    "Focus on the balloons, don't think about Donnie," Calo said he told Bishop. "You've got to think positive thoughts."

    Calo testified Thursday in the preliminary hearing for Raul Gomez-Garcia, who was ordered to stand trial on charges of murdering Young.

    During the hearing, investigators testified that Gomez-Garcia called Young a "racist" and swore at him about three hours before the shooting, which occurred at 1 a.m. on May 8.

    Detective Martin Vigil, the lead investigator in the case, said the exchange occurred after Young refused to let Gomez-Garcia into an invitation-only baptismal party. Young and Bishop were in uniform, but working off-duty.

    Witnesses said Young warned Gomez-Garcia that if he didn't leave, he'd call on-duty officers and have Gomez-Garcia arrested.

    Then, Vigil said, witnesses said that Young grabbed Gomez-Garcia by the arm and throat and escorted the 20-year- old from the hall at 1733 W. Mississippi Ave.

    Later, Young mentioned to Bishop that he'd had trouble with one of four men asked to leave and said, "I shouldn't have grabbed him by the neck like that."

    Witnesses told investigators that Gomez-Garcia was so upset with Young that he vowed to go back to the hall and shoot Young.

    During the hearing, prosecutors Bruce Levin and Tom Clinton presented evidence that Gomez-Garcia told three people he had shot the officers.

    One of them was Leopoldo Rivas, who drove with Gomez- Garcia to an area near the hall, let Gomez-Garcia out of the car and waited.

    Minutes later, Gomez-Garcia returned and Rivas asked him: "Did you do something stupid?"

    According to Vigil, Gomez-Garcia replied that he had shot a cop.

    Rivas' sister, Sandra, who was Gomez-Garcia's girlfriend, told investigators that after the shooting, Gomez-Garcia admitted to her he shot the officer but only meant to "scare" him.

    The third alleged confession came in Mexico, where Gomez- Garcia was captured, authorities said.

    Gomez-Garcia, Vigil said, told Mexican police he was just trying to scare the officers by shooting at their feet.

    He also told Mexican authorities he had discarded the weapon in the desert as he drove to Las Vegas from Colorado, Vigil said.

    After Thursday's testimony, District Judge Larry Naves ordered Gomez-Garcia to stand trial on charges of second-degree murder on Sept. 5. He also faces charges of attempted first-degree murder and two new counts of second-degree assault.

    During the testimony, Calo, who was providing security at another function across the street, said he heard gunshots from the direction of the hall, then saw a gunman back out of the hall and level his gun at two men at the front entrance.

    Calo sprinted across Mississippi and chased the gunman until he heard Bishop radio "officer down."

    "It's like getting hit in the stomach," Calo testified.

    Calo ended his chase and ran to the hall and found Bishop, who told him, "Donnie's down. Mike, it's bad."

    "I grabbed Jack and said, 'Let's go' and 'Take me to him.' He (Bishop) looked like he had lost his best friend. It was horrific."

    Just inside the doors leading to the building's main hall, Calo saw Young on the floor.

    It was a memory, said Calo, that he doubted any of the dozens of children who were in the social hall would ever forget.

    He said his eyes locked onto those of a "pretty little girl who was crying. She was horrified."

    Defense attorney Fernando Freyre said during the hearing that police have the wrong man. Freyre said that a number of witnesses described the gunman as thinner than Gomez-Garcia and that there were "alternate suspects" who had not been thoroughly investigated.

    Freyre also believed that some witnesses were intimidated, and cited Sandra Rivas.

    Originally, Freyre said, she told police Gomez-Garcia wasn't involved in the shooting and she had never seen him with a gun.

    It was only after her immigration status was brought up by detectives that she implicated Gomez-Garcia, the defense attorney said.

    Staff writer Howard Pankratz can be reached at 303-820-1939 or

    Here is the link:

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    Hi Steve,

    Here's another link that expands on the one posted above with more names and stories.
    "Liberty CANNOT be preserved without general knowledge among people" John Adams (August 1765)

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    Thanks to everyone for your valuable contributions! Will ad names to memorial as time allows.
    Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

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    Suspect in police shooting not talking ... hoot.shtml

    Suspect in police shooting not talking

    By Chris Paschenko DAILY Staff Writer · 340-2442

    HUNTSVILLE — An immigrant from Mexico, accused of killing a Huntsville police officer, is connected to a Mexican restaurant/grocery and the shootout in its parking lot, authorities said Wednesday.

    Shot multiple times Monday outside Jalisco Grocery on Jordan Lane, officer Daniel Howard Golden, 27, died after responding to a 3:30 p.m. domestic violence call.

    Wendell Johnson, spokesman for Huntsville police, said Benito Albarran, 31, faces a capital murder charge. Whether Albarran was employed at the restaurant/grocery wasn't immediately known.

    "We can't prove that," Johnson said. "Some (witnesses) say he was wearing an apron. There was a connection between him and the restaurant."

    Calls to the restaurant went unanswered Wednesday.

    Johnson said Albarran remained jailed without bond.

    "He has no documentation to prove that he is legal," Johnson said. "He was using forged documents of a deceased person. We're doing a background check to try to trace the origin of the weapon with ATF or another federal agency. He's not talking, and his family members aren't talking to law enforcement. Everything we got came from witnesses who have collaborated on that fateful day."

    Officers from Huntsville's west precinct are mourning Golden's death, Johnson said. Golden is the first Huntsville officer to die in the line of duty since 1968.

    "We're just devastated. We're hurt," Johnson said. "We have three precincts in Huntsville. The call came out at 3:30 a.m. It was a north precinct assignment, but all north precinct officers were tied up on other calls. Golden volunteered to take that call as a west precinct officer."

    Johnson said Albarran physically assaulted his female companion who could be his wife or girlfriend. Investigators haven't revealed how the female arrived on the scene or what the argument was about.

    "As he got out of the vehicle, the suspect opened fire on him," Johnson said. "He was shot several times. The fatal shot was to the head. He was wearing his vest."

    Although officers placed several people into custody at the scene, police have no other suspects in the shooting death, Johnson said.

    "He (the suspect) did stand over the officer's body after he laid in the parking lot," Johnson said. "According to witnesses, he didn't shoot over the body. The officer did get some rounds off before he died."

    Officers who worked with Golden at the west precinct are undergoing grief counseling, Johnson said.

    "Officers with the north and south precincts are filling in to give those who worked with him some time off," Johnson said. "Police chaplains, everyone is pretty traumatized."

    Athens Police Chief Wayne Harper said Wednesday he offered to help Huntsville police, providing additional manpower.

    "When I talked to chief (Rex) Reynolds after the shooting, I offered to give them help in any way," Harper said. "He said they are looking at possibly getting folks to cover shifts for the funeral. I told him we'd be glad to do that."

    Funeral set

    Golden's funeral is scheduled Friday at Fayetteville, Tenn., Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Visitation is today at 3 p.m. at Higgins Funeral Home with burial in Gum Springs Cemetery.

    Huntsville police will reportedly receive help from the Madison County Sheriff's Department and from state troopers in covering shifts during the funeral.

    Golden lived at Hazel Green and is survived by his wife, who is a paramedic in Huntsville, and two children. Golden joined Huntsville police in July 2002 and formerly worked for Fayetteville police.

    Redstone Federal Credit Union is accepting donations on behalf of Golden with funds collected to benefit his widow, Donnesa McDougal Golden.

    Officers from across the Tennessee Valley draped their police badges with black swaths Wednesday in memory of Golden, and Huntsville Mayor Loretta Spencer instructed the city to fly flags at half staff.

    "It's tragic," Johnson said. "Things like this don't happen in Huntsville."

    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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    Thanks ohflyingone! I've posted it on

    Let's make sure these victims won't have died in vain!

    Ohio Jobs & Justice PAC

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    I was thinking of a WALL with yellow ribbons for adults, blue and pink for children, with thier names on them, then we send duplicates them to congress, the press. It would be relatively cheap for people to do from one central location. Write the names on the ribbons, so we have a WALL for press photo purposes, (including 9/11) Put photos of the perps up as well.....that will get screams from all corners.....

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