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    Liz Mair’s Anti-Trump Super PAC Has Same Mailing Address as Carly Fiorina’s Campaign

    This is interesting, but I am not jumping to a conclusion yet.

    Liz Mair’s Anti-Trump Super PAC Has Same Mailing Address as Carly Fiorina’s Campaign

    26 Mar 2016

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Consultant Liz Mair’s controversial anti-Donald Trump super PAC shares a mailing address with Carly Fiorina’s presidential campaign, which just re-launched as a nonprofit.

    Fiorina is a Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)
    supporter.Mair’s PAC Make America Awesome is under fire after it ran a sexist advertisement in Utah featuring Trump’s wife Melania, a model, posing nude. The ad encouraged people to vote for Ted Cruz. Mair is open about the fact that she is helping to boost Cruz, though Cruz has denied involvement with the ad.

    But how does Make America Awesome make money?

    According to the PAC’s most recent report, filed on February 29, 2016, the group listed only seven donors as having given $200 or more, including consultant Juleana Glover, a former George W. Bush and Bill Kristol employee who now works for Teneo Holdings, an advisory firm linked to Bill Clinton.

    The PAC takes money in envelopes at a PO box in Alexandra, Virginia.

    “If you would like to donate by mail, send checks to: Make America Awesome PO Box 26141 Alexandria, VA 22313,” the PAC’s website states.

    The PAC’s Facebook page also lists its address as “PO Box 26141” in “Alexandria, Virginia.”

    That PO box also happens to be the mailing address for Carly for America, which was Fiorina’s presidential campaign and just re-launched as a nonprofit organization.

    Carly for America was still listed at PO Box 26141 in Alexandria at the time of its last monthly FEC filing on March 20, 2016, according to the Federal Election Commission.

    Carly for America Committee listed PO Box 26141 in Alexandria on its FEC public disclosure form on February 26, 2015.
    Fiorina sent out an email on March 23 announcing that Carly for America is back, and will help to elect “consevative candidates.” Fiorina has endorsed Ted Cruz.

    Fiorina said in her re-launch email:

    First, we will identify principled conservative candidates from outside the political class, who aren’t afraid of a fight and aren’t afraid to shake up the status quo—and we will introduce them to the American people. Second, we will give them the critical boost they need to win: by campaigning with them, supporting them, and fundraising for them. Anything we can do to make sure they have all the resources they need to amplify their voices, bypass the media and the establishment, and win over voters.

    Mair did not return requests for comment for this report.

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    This is an interesting article by Charles C Johnson form 2015, before Mair's creation on her PAC.
    BUSTED: Anti-Trump Consultant Liz Mair Paid $15K A Month By Dictator (WITH UPDATE)

    NOVEMBER 24, 2015
    Liz Mair with friend and disgraced “Journolist” David Weigel
    Mair responds below…

    Failed political consultant Liz Mair is crowd funding a political attack on billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump and she’s getting noticed.

    But Mair’s past work as a paid shill of a Muslim dictatorship that jails journalists and activists should make us wonder about her motives, especially as the Middle East once more descends into chaos.

    Mair was paid $15,000 a month by Ilham Aliyev, the dictator of Azerbaijan, according to documents filed in accordance with the Foreign Registration Act (FARA).

    It is unclear if the payments to Mair have stopped.

    Here’s that document.

    Here’s part of the letter that shows Mair receiving $15,000 a month from a dictatorship that jails journalists.

    Why is Mair in bed with the Azeri dictatorship?
    Liz Mair, shilling for Azerbaijan a few months ago, has ties to three GOP candidates:

    >— Casey Michel (@cjcmichel) August 6, 2015

    As revealed first by Matthew Boyle of Breitbart News Mair, who is a dual citizen with Britain, is pro-amnesty and she has a track record of making lots of money and losing lots of elections.

    Mair worked for Carly Fiorina’s failed U.S. Senate campaign in 2010, for Tim Pawlenty’s failed presidential campaign in 2012, and for Scott Walker’s failed 2016 presidential bid.

    Like Cesar Conda — who now works for Marco Rubio — Mair gets her clients after they are already elected to push pro-immigration policies which ultimate wind up being their undoing. Conda was chief of staff for Senator Spencer Abraham from Michigan – Harvard Law, Federalist Society founder, Christian lebanese — but Conda pushed Abraham to support more immigration (to everyone’s surprise) — especially Arab-friendly immigration policies! Abraham got a lot of press in the WSJ editorial page — and was wiped out the very next election. Abraham had been elected to the Senate for the first time, along with 7 other GOPs, in the 1994 republican sweep of Congress. Every other freshman Republican held his seat in the next election except John Ashcroft (his opponent died and a sympathy vote went to his opponent’s wife).

    Conda and Mair repeat the same strategy. The business community–which funds campaigns–wants cheap labor. They write big checks. And they want amnesty.

    Could foreigners be among the donors to Mair’s organization? It’s hard to tell. Mair ignored requests for comment.

    Setting up an LLC makes it impossible to find Mair’s donors, something she likes. “It”s loosely organized and highly confidential,” Mair said to the Wall Street Journal. “I certainly know donors who are very happy that their fingerprints will be kept off things.”Here‘s the relevant quote from the Journal:

    As a limited liability company, Trump Card LLC wouldn’t have to disclose its donors to the Federal Election Commission. Viveca Novak, communications director for the Center for Responsive Politics, said she was aware of no restrictions on the kinds of political activities that could be funded through an LLC. “Anyone can set one up,” she said. “You don’t know who is behind it.”

    To be sure Mair is well networked, especially among the socially liberal subset of GOP twitteratti, and it’s oftentimes hard to tell what’s real with her and what’s smoke and mirrors.

    And yet Trump should not worry much about Mair. She’s frankly not very good at getting Republicans elected. And she trashes them once they lose.

    If she really wanted to hurt Trump maybe she should go work for him.
    Mair responds at 2:51 PM:

    Hey, sorry Charles– I’m not using Facebook much these days (I find it becomes a huge time suck, as does Twitter, though somehow that seems more manageable). I appreciate your emailing.
    If you search FARA, you’ll find our termination of registration and (I believe– at least you should) the letter confirming when the contract ended. I want to say it was something like early January 2015 (so no, the work is not ongoing, it was a very short contract). Frankly, we have tried since that contract ended to avoid doing any work for foreign governments, for a variety of reasons including that I prefer to spend my time doing things other than filling out forms.
    Also, I never worked for Tim Pawlenty’s presidential campaign, though I did work for Perry’s in 2012. I did advise Pawlenty at one point, but stepped back from involvement in the presidential campaign.
    I also do not advocate for policy to former clients who are elected officials– that would entail lobbying, and I don’t do lobbying (just communications and non-lobbying advocacy). Though obviously, I make my views on an array of policies pretty well known, including on Twitter, so I suppose if former clients or their current advisers are following me there, they would be aware of the positions I take on various issues (for example, Sen. Paul’s staff undoubtedly know that I have high praise for the fiscal policies he has outlined as part of his presidential campaign).
    I also have zero intention of taking foreign contributions into the anti-Trump effort, so please rest assured on that front.

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    Well, how about that? She did work for a Dictator...And she is the former communications Director for the Republican National Committee (RNC)
    Azerbaijan Hires Veteran U.S. Political Consultant

    October 23, 2014

    Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev at his 2013 swearing-in in Baku

    Amid its muscular lobbying push in Washington, Azerbaijan has hired a veteran Republican Party adviser and political strategist to boost its public image in the United States.

    Baku’s embassy in Washington has signed a contract with Liz Mair, whose public-relations firm will aim to generate news coverage to “impact various U.S. government officials, as well as the U.S. general public,” according to a U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) disclosure statement signed on October 9.

    Under the terms of the six-month contract, Azerbaijan will pay Mair’s firm, Mair Strategies, $15,000 a month for public-relations services, according FARA documents.

    Mair has served as an online communications strategist to senior Republican officials, including Texas Governor Rick Perry, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. She is also a former online communications director for the Republican National Committee.

    The hiring was first reported by Politico Influence, a newsletter on Washington’s lobbying community, which cited a source familiar with the contract.

    The move comes as Azerbaijan faces mounting criticism over its human rights record from Western officials, analysts, and rights groups.

    Since Azerbaijan assumed the chairmanship of the Council of Europe’s committee of ministers in May, it has undertaken “the most serious and brutal crackdown on civil society in Azerbaijan ever,” according to the Berlin-based European Stability Initiative.
    At the same time, Azerbaijani officials have sought to portray the country as a valuable U.S. and European ally, and as a crucial player in energy security amid an increasingly aggressive Russia in the wake of the Ukraine crisis.

    Critics have accused Baku of using the Ukraine crisis and its lobbying push to deflect attention from its human rights record, including a sweeping crackdown in recent months against journalists, lawyers, and other government critics in Azerbaijan.
    In 2013, Azerbaijan was the 10th-largest spender on lobbying efforts in the United States among foreign governments, shelling out almost $2.3 million, according to an analysis by the Sunlight Foundation.

    Azerbaijan has also signed a $50,000-per-month contract with The Podesta Group, a top Washington lobbying firm.

    Baku’s contract with Mair states that her firm will “assist in communicating priority issues relevant to the Republic of Azerbaijan to relevant audiences in the United States, including through media outlets.”

    Mair, who is the 100-percent owner of Mair Strategies, declined to comment when contacted by RFE/RL.

    Mair Strategies describes itself as a “a boutique online communications firm focusing on state-level, national and international issues for an array of Fortune 500 clients and major trade associations.”
    -- Luke Johnson

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    Update. While poking around at Conservative Treehouse, came on this very interesting comment. Did Breitbart just miss this?

    neverdul says:
    March 26, 2016 at 4:51 pm
    Both PAC’s (along with many campaigns and PAC) use the services of Chris Marston and his company Election CFO. That is their address. Note that the FEC filings for both PACs are signed by Martson, not because of some nefarious connections between them but because they both happened to use Martson’s company for their FEC filings and would use Election CFO’s PO Box for their official mailing address and also as the address to which to send donations as Election CFO provides banking and accounting services along with FEC compliance and reporting.
    Here is a list of their clients in 2014 – the most recent year available on Open Secrets
    One of those listed for instance – America’s First PAC and Liberty for All Super PAC (a Libertarian PAC), also lists Chris Marston as their treasurer and or PO BOX 26141, ALEXANDRIA, VA 22313 as their mailing address in their FEC filings

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