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    Can anyone from AZ answer this question? "Citizen's Arrest" was mentioned some posts back.....

    Sherrif Joe Arpaio {sp} was just on Hannity and said
    "there are no citizen's arrests" while discussing the Soldier who's being held in jail for holding the illegals. BTW, the illegals are being held to testify against the AMERICAN Soldier.

    Now, if this is actually true, we're in deeper doo doo than I originally believed.

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    Not what I'd expect from Joe Arpaio. I guess this is law enforcement's unified intransigence against dummo citizens who'd dare to help. Coming soon, law enforcement stating the classic excuse for lawlessness running wild, "we can't do it all ourselves, we need your help." Judge Napolitano this a.m., referring to the Florida kidnapping and murder, said as much. We've already heard hundreds of pleas for additional staffing on the border. They may not be anointed as civil servants but every little bit helps.
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    I have a feeling that if law enforcement continues to do and say stupid things like this instead of recognize the fact that law-abiding US citizens are getting fed up, there are going to be major clashes that will resort to violence. Then they will have REAL issues to make decisions as to whose right and whose wrong and they had better be pretty damn careful who they pick for jurors because I can tell you right now, I would never vote to convict someone whose only crime was to turn in illegal immigrants no matter how the person achieved that goal. However, I WOULD vote to convict any lawman who turned the criminals loose to lock up the person who had guts enough to make an attempt to defend this country.

    Anyone seen if there is a defense fund started for the soldier?
    If the US Government won't punish employers who hire illegal workers, the US Citizens must refuse to do business with anyone who is suspected of hiring illegals.

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