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    reno, nev


    Illegal aliens are not needed in this country.
    The taxes they pay is cancelled out by the benefits they receive in social services, welfare, food stamps, medicaid, SSI and Social Security, expense of crime, courts, prisons and jails, schools, expense of anchor babies, gang and graffitti units and crime against Americans citizens.
    20 million illegal aliens ago we did not need 20 million we were fine but greedy govenment and greedy corporation thought differently. The got richer and we got poorer.
    The more illegals that come to this country, the more businesses has to produce to provide for the necessarities needed by illegals . It is a vicious circle that benefit corporations and government at the expense of the taxpayer. The more businesses produce the more money they make and the more support they can give the government leaders.
    The price is too high for Americans to pay.
    If amnesty is given to 20 million illegals the taxpayers will be responsible for 40 million or more. We, whose wages are being lowered because of cheap labor or jobs taken or sent over seas. Tax payers will pay for amnesty and all benefits they and their families will receive.
    America will go bankrupt and middle class America will disappear forever.

    The Americans will pay the price and the price is too high.

    No “earned”amnesty.
    No guest workers program with path to citizenship.
    No automatic citizenship for children born to illegal aliens.
    Fine or imprison business that hire illegals .
    Fine or imprison those who do not enforce immigration laws.
    Built a fence or wall.
    Bring troops home form Iraq and put them on the border to protect America and Americans.
    Deport, Deport and Deport.
    If our representative and leaders won’t do their jobs, then lets find someone that will "do the jobs they will not do" and maybe cheaper and better.


    A cause worth fight for is a cause worth dying for”
    Native American Granny

    On the August 29 edition of his nationally syndicated radio program, Fox News host Sean Hannity sought to encourage Republican voters and candidates to ensure a Republican victory in the November midterm elections by proclaiming that “ :twisted: there are things in life worth fighting and dying for, and one of ‘em is making sure” that House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (CA) “doesn’t become the speaker.”

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    Right on diehard39.

    I agree with you.

    America is definitely up a creek without a paddle.

    And we need to make our feelings known .. loud and clear ... as you suggest.

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