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Thread: As many as 8 MILLION children are kidnapped and trafficked into sex slavery every ye

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    As many as 8 MILLION children are kidnapped and trafficked into sex slavery every ye

    As many as 8 MILLION children are kidnapped and trafficked into sex slavery every year by global pedophile network – of which MANY politicians are members

    Monday, December 10, 2018 by: Ethan Huff
    Tags: abduction, aborted baby parts, abortion, academia, adrenalized blood, Child Protective Services, children, CIA, civil society, deep state, elite, evil, Foster care, global pedophile network, Infants, initiation rite, innocent children, kidnapping, multinational corporations, murder, NGOs, pedophile network, pedophiles, Pedophilia, pedopredation, PizzaGate, Politicians, President Donald Trump, ritual satanic abuse, Robert David Steele, sex slavery, sex trafficking, shadow government, Torture, trafficking


    (Natural News) According to official statistics that you’ll never hear reported by the mainstream media, as many as 800,000 children in the United States, and eight million children globally, are being kidnapped and trafficked into sex slavery every single year as part of a massive pedophilia network that spans the entire world. And though it might not be comfortable to think about, many high-level politicians on both sides of aisle actively participate in, and partake of, this unimaginable evil.

    Earlier this year, The International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) met for three days to launch its Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, the purpose of which is to investigate and bring to the forefront this prolific scourge of child sex abuse all around the world, much of it satanically ritualistic in nature.
    One of the speakers at this event was Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, a former CIA officer who opened the Plenary Session of this first Judicial Commission of the Tribunal. He spoke about how child torture, child murder, and child organ harvesting are now “accepted” practice within the highest levels of government all across the globe, as well as within non-governmental organizations (NGOs), multinational corporations, academia, and “civil” society.
    “This scourge persists because it is allowed to exist by the complicit authorities,” Steele stated during his roughly 13-minute speech, which you can watch below:
    High-level pedophiles perform ritual satanic abuse involving the torture and murder of infants in order to produce “adrenalized blood” that they consume for energy

    Steele says he’s convinced that most of the organizations and institutions that facilitate these sex crimes against children started out with “the best of intentions,” but were eventually infiltrated by pedophiles who transformed them into something else. Regardless, such crimes are taking place every single day, often by people who are presented to the public as “authorities” and “civil servants.”
    And it’s not just that these wicked abominations are abducting innocent children in order to have sex with them. In many cases, there’s ritual satanic abuse taking place in which children are purposely traumatized before being murdered, allowing satanic pedophiles to drink their blood and eat their flesh like vampires.
    “It appears that pedopredation – including the attendant torture and murder of infants to produce adrenalized blood via ritual Satanic abuse – is in some cases considered an elite ‘privilege’ whereupon these echelons are permitted to practice such perversity with impunity,” Steele explained during his speech, pointing out that it’s the people we see every day on television, in movies, and in government buildings who are engaging this these unspeakable evils.
    The “deep state” is powered by pedophilia

    Why this is so important to bring to the public’s attention is that pedophilia is a type of “initiation rite,” according to Steele, to draw new members into the “deep state” and “shadow government.” High-level government officials who participate in pedophilia activities such as those previously mentioned quickly become puppets who are fully controlled by their invisible overlords, which use the deviant activities of their puppets as blackmail in order to fulfill various other evil agendas.
    “The center of gravity for taking down the deep state, pedophilia is both the induction glue, pedophilia is how the deep state recruits and controls people,” is how Steele concluded his speech. “It is also the Achilles heel of the deep state.”
    Be sure to read the full report by Health Impact News about all of this, which contains other powerful interviews by other whistleblower folks who were sex slaves themselves.
    You can also read more about the evils of the deep state at and
    Sources for this article include:
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    It's disgusting and horrible. Poor little things. And I believe we're complicit in that with the way we handle these children and UAC who enter the United States. I don't trusts any of our people involved in this kid-snatching. These children all need to be returned to their home countries into the care and custody of their governments within 24 hours and whoever brought them incarcerated for child trafficking, parent or not.
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    Thank the Democrats for this. They are immoral swamp rats that throw people under the bus for votes!

    For 150 years they have suppressed the African Americans here, kept them on welfare, now dumping uneducated breeding foreigners in our country to compete with their wages and jobs. More sex crimes, rape, violence, gangs, drugs, murder. They take over and destroy our neighborhoods.

    All children apprehended need to be processed and returned to their country of origin within 48 hours!

    Many of them end up in gangs here.

    Their President needs to house and feed them and find their relatives back home!


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