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    Mark Levin: Rove-McConnell, GOP, disaster- Thad Cochran: 41 yrs in office: 11 million

    Mark Levin

    Rove-McConnell GOP, disaster

    Thad Cochran : 41 yrs in office: 11 million $'s: Barely walks, barely talks: GOP...if this is...
    The event started at 5:30 and would only last until 6:00 so you would think time would be of the...

    Thad Cochran : 41 yrs in office: 11 million $'s: Barely walks, barely talks: GOP...if this is the future, your days are numbered


    The event started at 5:30 and would only last until
    6:00 so you would think time would be of the essence. You would be wrong. Thad arrives at 5:35.

    Here Thad walks VERY slowly into the campaigns office. I should have recorded it because you can't really appreciate how slow he was walking....

    Holding a sign with his name on it looking like the elderly man that he is. That is not a shot, it's just the truth.

    As you look at this picture and the paid campaign workers standing next to him, note that there are about 6 decades of time between Thad and the youngest person here.

    Thad seemed like a very nice man. Shame on the Republican Establishment who convinced him to run again when he just wanted to retire...

    Remember those thousands of African-American Democrats who crossed party lines because they love them some Thad Cochran? Yeah, I guess that none of them live in Desoto County...

    Finally, after much ado, ok not really much gets started and the 1st gentlemen that speaks mentions some of Thad's accomplishments so here goes...

    • Some 2-lane road that was an accident waiting to happen he brought 5 millions dollars to the state to make it bigger and stuff and....
    • I-269 International Trade Corridor that will connect to Collierville...and some other neat stuff I wasn't really paying attention to and we should help Thad Cochran to keep helping us know, bring home the federal dollars which is why the GOP spent every penny they could muster to keep the gravy train that you have read all about the spectacular things Thad has done for MS...time for Thad Cochran and remember, the GOP spent 11 million dollars to defeat his opponent...Chris McDaniel.

    Notice that when the 1st gentleman is speaking he is very easy to hear and understand but when it is Thad's turn, well, you can't hear him. I could barely him and I was about 8 feet away. I went here to ask the question of Thad Cochran..."Why did your campaign spend so much money and time trying to convince people that Chris McDaniel was a racist?" I couldn't ask the question because I didn't have it in me to embarrass an old man. Being in the same room with Thad, I could see that this man who could barely walk from his car to 25 feet into the headquarters was not capable of doing much, certainly not coordinating the lies the GOP concocted about McDaniels. This man, Thad, could barely speak loud enough for the room to hear him and it was a small room. He spoke about 4 minutes, 5 minutes tops and I think that was because that is all he is capable of. His voice started cracking towards the end. There was no passion and it seemed staged and that he had practiced this routine over and over until he got it done and if he wins, I don't think the GOP will wait a year for him to step down so they can appoint his replacement who will then have the advantage of incumbency because I don't think Thad can carry on this ruse that long...I give it 6 months tops.

    The last minute he says this " In associating with the Republican Party Initiatives for economic independence and success for all Americans, peace and security as an American, those are our 2 principled planks in my view of our campaign in this election and that's what I intend to deliver as a United States Senator and I will do so as vigorously and effectively as I know how." Vigorously? Vigorously and Thad Cochran should never be used in the same sentence. If you don't have time to watch the video, at least watch 6:20 seconds until the end and tell me if you think he believes a word he's saying or that he has been coached to perform and the performance is soooo weak. I don't have it in me to criticize this elderly man, I really don't think his mind is all there but the GOP....all I can say is HAVE YOU NO SHAME?

    The GOP spent so much money this primary season trying to defeat younger, smarter, more principled people who are the future of the GOP. Our country is in trouble. This is not just another game of politics to most of the people who are now refusing to send you guys their hard-earned money.

    • We have a lawless executive office that is not abiding by the constitution and NO ONE to stop him.
    • We have the greatest health care system in the world that is being destroyed, lives ruined, and businesses lost.
    • We are going to WAR in the middle east whether they want to call it that or not
    • We have the enemy at the gates...the southern border and even in our place of business in the United States of America, beheadings are about to be included in statistical data that measures causes of death

    WE ARE LOST and you...the GOP...just bet your last dollar on an old man that can barely walk, barely talk, and other geriatric candidates that you can control so the control you have had in the past will continue so I ask you...What profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul?

    I went to this event because I wanted to see the 11 million dollar man for myself. When it ended, 2 gentlemen that were behind me, young, well-dressed, affluent(or appeared that way) looked at each other and for a second I thought they were thinking what I was thinking...OMG we gave up McDaniels for this? But then one of them said Woohoo and clapped and then there was some mild clapping that followed. I know deep down in my heart they were thinking something different...OMG we are in trouble.

    I left the event feeling a little numb, a little optimistic ( I am an eternal optimist despite the gloom and doom that surrounds me, I am Christian and that's just how I roll) considering the fact that there were about 40 people and I am over counting to be on the safe side with about 15 people that work for the campaign which means about 25 people showed up. I can tell you one thing...there was no excitement, there was no passion, and there was no hope...just people going through the motions of what? I don't know.

    I also know none of the African-American voters that pushed Thad over the finish line were there. Maybe they will show up on election day ...and if you believe that...well, nevermind, there's no hope for you anyways...

    As always, your humble partner in crime...someday I will sign off with my name...but not today kemo sabe...not today
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    If America is to remain free we must have term limits, the era of professional politicians has hurt our country. I believe it's not an age issue rather the time spent in DC, the propaganda, life style corrupts the best over long periods. Much like sending an honest man to prison the odds he comes out honest after 10 years would be rare.

    The Democrat party is lost, moved so far left it's knocking on the door of communism not sure they see it but their ideas show it. The GOP is moving left of center I believe the hierarchy is scared they will lose control of the money in DC so rather then remain conservative to please media they move left.

    Basically the parties are melting into one DC party, so we have two choices a third party or term limits.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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