JULY 28, 2016 6:31 AM

Melania Trumpís website disappears amid questions about her degree

An archived version of Melania Trumpís now-deleted website biography lists her as having a degree Ďin design and architecture at University in Sloveniaí (highlighted in excerpt below). web.archive.org Photoillustration

Melania Trumpís website was taken down as of Wednesday afternoon, after her plagiarized speech at the Republican National Convention fueled questions about her educational biography, the Huffington Post reported.

The website now redirects to her husbandís site, which features a slideshow of Trump buildings and links to various arms of the Trump Organization.

Melania Trumpís website, before it was taken down, contained links to her jewelry collection and an extensive biography that claimed she possessed ďa degree in design and architecture from University in Slovenia.Ē But multiple news outlets had reported that Trump, then Melanija Knavs, dropped out after one year at the University of Ljubljana, Sloveniaís oldest university.

Melania Trump delivers prime time speech at Republican National Convention

Donald Trump's wife Melania talks about growing up in Slovenia, American citizenship and her appreciation for veterans. "Donald has always been an amazing leader, now he will go to work for you," she said about the Republican presidential nominee. Courtesy of FedNet

Two biographers, Bojan Pozar and Igor Omerza, wrote in their unauthorized biography ďMelania Trump: The Inside Story, From a Slovenian Communist Village to the White House,Ē that Trump completed her freshman year despite failing two exams, but did not return for her sophomore year. According to Politico, there was no record of a thesis completed under Trumpís birth name, ďthough all Slovenes who graduate write a thesis, and all of these theses are catalogued.Ē

Trumpís claim she earned a university degree was featured on her website dating back to 2006, with the same wording as the biography that was featured as recently as the Republican National Convention last week.

Trumpís claimed educational history drew fresh scrutiny after her speech at the convention lifted lines from First Lady Michelle Obamaís convention speech in 2008. Though campaign officials repeatedly rejected accusations of plagiarism, Trumpís speechwriter released an apology a few days after the speech admitting to using Michelle Obamaís words during the writing of the speech.