Mexican cartels 'invading' US, 'taking over' cities: Former DEA special agent

Graham Colton - Wednesday

Former Drug Enforcement Administration special agent Derek Maltz said Mexican cartels are "invading" the United States Wednesday on "Jesse Watters Primetime."

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The cartels are "invading our country," he told host Jesse Watters. "They're taking over our cities. They're building up market share. They have an ongoing marketing campaign to maximize profits like any other business operation. And they do not care about the death of our kids."
Maltz called the cartels "the enemy of our children."


Their collaboration with Chinese transnational criminals is resulting in 289 drug overdose deaths a day in the United States, or one overdose every five minutes.

Mexican cartels are our children’s enemy: Former DEA special agent

While President Biden was in Poland, "he spoke about the potential chemical attack on the Ukrainian citizens," Maltz said. "But he doesn't say a word on the ongoing chemical attack on American kids."
Maltz criticized the Biden administration and asked for the whereabouts of border czar and Vice President Kamala Harris.
"She was supposed to fix this problem," he said, adding that it is worsening.
" … [W]e've been calling for literally three or four years now to designate the cartels as a terrorist organization. The Families Against Fentanyl [has] been very public talking about classifying this as a weapon of mass destruction."
"Unfortunately, the bureaucrats in Washington, they look at the definition that they had from 1930 instead of what these synthetic drugs are doing in America today."
Thirty grams of fentanyl kill 15,000 people, Maltz said.
Twelve- and 13-year-old children are dying from overdoses, he reported, adding that Washington, D.C., saw nine overdose deaths in 24 hours.
There have been at least seven mass casualty events across the United States.

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