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Health care costs
Productivity losses
Other costs
cost to society (billions) growth rate annually
1992 102,153
1994 118,404 15%
1996 131,295 10%
1998 143,412 9%
2000 160,664 12%

on this article it shows how american consumption is making mexican cartels sophisticated to survive mexicos enforcers.

if you see those percentages is growing faster then chinas economy

1. how much money mexicans received from illegals in the usa? around 25 billion dollars. ... index.html
2. Mexico has long been the superhighway of drugs into North America. It supplies most of the meth, marijuana, cocaine and poppy derivatives consumed in the United States, and today the Mexican drug trade is a $100 billion a year industry

so can u see...theres millions of americans using drugs that finance mexicos corrupt problem, we do not use the logic.
pretend america did not have a drug problem
do you really think mexican criminals would make an effort to try to colonise asia, or their market for drugs?

when calderon mentions that americans are giving the criminals their weapons we see it as him and the traitors within are trying to take our second amendment, and that calderon can trace the weapons to the usa and we see him as a liar.

if those american consumers would not consume, mexican criminals would not have the money to buy weapons inside or outside the usa.

and for those that say that mexican army is truelly funding the cartels with weapons, then why would mexico be fighting a civil war within? that has gotten 25,000 killed? when they could easily say..."no problem sell the americans as much as you want, we dont care just pay us a bribe"