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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawn50
    I wasn't trying to make a point with these statistics. I just thought they were interesting. If you know of a better source, please post it here.

    I enjoyed the post.

    For me the reality of living among these anti-Americans for decades has been a huge eye opening.

    Here's some scenarios that I know many have lived in, and that I've personally experienced.

    -- Being called the "B" word just because I'm not their race, which came out in their vial communication "at me".

    -- Being told that I don't like their "mexican" music because I asked them to turn it down, because a block away I can't hear my own TV in my own home, but they say it's because it's "mexican" music and nothing else - not the volume that can be heard in outer space.

    -- Being afraid to shop in stores that I grew up shopping in as a child - alone - and too afraid to be harassed - once again - with threats that were scare John Wayne.

    -- Walking past gangs of so called day laborers (who hadn't missed any meals & were not hard up for nice clothing, with no look of humanity on their face) "at a local store" who:
    + laughed at me - in unison - in scary ways that are hard to explain, with many of them lunging at me.
    + called the "C" and "B" words by illegal aliens I'm not speaking with or looking at, but who got close enough to me to make sure I saw and heard them.
    + asked if I wanted some from them in ways that if it were dark out, then would have not asked.
    + touched & grabbed by them.
    + got so close that they could have stabbed me quickly and ran as they lunged their bodies at me.

    Then there's the merchants who, when asked a question in English, turn among themselves and have a conversation in spanish amongst themselves - leaving "the customer" to stand and wait, while they uaually are laughing, when the question asked by me wasn't of a humorous nation - this one has happened to me dozens of times.

    Try to ask them why they don't speak in English, since only they understand spanish, and they turn hostile in a nano second, and never go back to not being hostile.

    An unwise move, because they've lost the current sale, and future sales, because I never return to the business AND contact their corporate office with all that I saw, experienced, and name names.

    There are so many other experiences that have gutted America of what was one of the best features about America - an unwritten agreement to treat others well.

    No illegal aliens I've met is interested in treating Americans well.

    All illegal aliens want out of America and Americans is our tax dollar benefits for the advancement of their beloved nation(s).

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    I live in the southwest part of Oklahoma City and you might just as well call it Little Mexico. Sometimes, especially when I am at Wal-Mart, I don't even feel like I am in the United States. The Hispanics in my area are very aggressive, very pushy. And, of course, most of them are speaking Spanish so I don't have an inkling of what is going on. Pretty sad when you feel out of place in your own country. I read an article today about attrition. I suppose most of you in this forum have discussed that topic. Seems like a good remedy to the illegal immigration problem -- if we could just get the politicians on board.

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