Michael Yon joins Mike Adams IN STUDIO with bombshell revelations about NGOs orchestrating MASS INVASION of America

02/18/2024 // Ethan Huff // 710 Views

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War correspondent and former Special Forces soldier Michael Yon is back with Mike Adams, this time in-studio, to discuss breaking news of the day, including the ongoing border war between the United States and Mexico.
Yon spilled the beans about the organized crime syndicates in government and non-government that are funding the border invasion. The latter, known as non-governmental organizations, or NGOs, are largely behind the migrant crisis, bringing in cash from often unknown sources to facilitate the illegal takeover.
According to Yon, there are hundreds of NGOs working behind the scenes to destroy America with this invasion. They exist both in cities and the jungle, and it is almost as if they were all called up a few years back and told to strike when the iron is hot, which appears to be now.
"There are so many of these," Yon explained. "It's just over the top. I can't keep track of them all. And every country I go to has different ones."
Be sure to watch the full video interview with Yon, in studio, below:

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Yon helped defeat Senate immigration bill

To his credit, Yon played an instrumental role in stopping the infamous, pork-laden Senate immigration bill from being passed by Congress – a good thing, seeing as how it would have ushered in millions more illegal aliens every single year.
Yon also explained that Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is now putting more pressure on Mexico to help stop the border invasion by inspecting all vehicles coming up from Mexico. Doing this, Yon says, will help force Mexico's hand on the matter.
"It's the United States invading the United States, not Mexico," Yon clarified, describing the illicit forces from within that seek to destroy the host country to which they are acting as parasites.
"We're the ones funding it. We are the ones keeping the border open. We're the ones throwing corn on the ground. And it will continue as long as this government is in power."
Yon seems to believe that America has "crossed the Rubicon," so to speak, in terms of letting it all go too far. Eventually, and in many ways currently, it will manifest as war on American soil to fight back against the illegal onslaught and the crime it is bringing into the country.
"You're going to end up having to fight one way or the other," Yon wans. "The crime is dramatically increasing."
"A lot of these people have no rules from the countries that they came from. You should see them coming through the Darien Gap. There are a lot of those feral types from, for instance, Venezuela, people released from prisons and that sort of thing."
Yon is certainly what many would consider to be an expert on the subject of immigration, including that of the illegal variety. He is a world traveler, of sorts, who has seen it all.
Last time Yon appeared on the Health Ranger Report, he did so remotely from Panama City. And before that, he was in El Salvador. He is seeing firsthand the routes the migrants are taking, as well as the methods they are using, with the help of shadily-funded NGOs, to bust through South and Central America as they venture towards the United States.
Once these people reach America's southern border, though, they are now encountering the blockades Texas is installing, which are driving much of the controversy in the illegal immigration fight.
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Michael Yon joins Mike Adams IN STUDIO with bombshell revelations about NGOs orchestrating MASS INVASION of America – NaturalNews.com