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Thread: Is the Migrant Caravan a Trojan Horse?

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    Is the Migrant Caravan a Trojan Horse?

    Is the Migrant Caravan a Trojan Horse?

    April 4, 2018

    Brian Joondeph

    'Trojan horse' refers to a clever trick to hide and sneak foes across enemy lines. It is the story of a large hollow wooden horse constructed by the Greeks, to hide and hold Greek warriors. The horse was offered to Troy by the Greeks as a tribute to goddess Athena which would make Troy impregnable. Once brought inside the gates of Troy, soldiers emerged from the horse, opening the city gates to the Greek army. It was a clever and effective sneak attack.

    Although this was an ancient technique of war, Trojan horses are being used today, in a different kind of war. This war is not against the Greeks, but instead against first world western countries, including the United States, that have lost the will to defend their people, their culture, and their borders.

    The current Trojan horse is the “migrant caravan”, heading from Central, through Mexico, toward the U.S. southern border. The migratory surge is sponsored by a group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, whose mission is to, “Accompany migrants and refugees in their journey of hope, and together demand our human rights.” The migrant caravan now traversing Mexico is their modus operandi.

    Migrants from Central America are supposedly fleeing their home countries to seek political asylum further north. They are allowed to cross Mexico’s own southern border but are not being invited to stay in Mexico or granted asylum by Mexico. Instead they are given assistance, by migrant organizations, the Mexican government, and likely American pro illegal immigration groups, toward their final destination, the United States.

    Once they set foot in the U.S., they can claim political asylum, and with U.S. catch-and-release policies, are essentially set free within the U.S. Are all of the migrants being persecuted politically in their home countries or are some traveling with the caravan for other reasons? If so, how many? Do any U.S. government officials, other than President Trump, know or care?

    This photo from CNN shows the migrant caravan.

    So does this photo below from Telesur.

    Notice how many of the migrants are young men, fit and of military age. These migrants look remarkably similar to photos of Syrian refugeesentering Europe. Sure there are women and children too, but most are young men.

    Why aren’t they staying in their home countries, trying to make things better for themselves, their families, and their fellow countrymen? In fact, are they all from Central America? Could any of these young men be from countries further east, as in the Middle East? Who knows?

    ISIS once threatened to send half a million migrants to Europe as a “psychological weapon”. Could they be sending others to Central America? Who is screening or vetting the young men in the migrant caravan en route to the U.S.? Could this caravan be a Trojan horse designed to hide enemy combatants among those legitimately seeking refuge?

    Aside from potential terrorists, what else might be hiding within the migrant caravan? How about contagious infectious diseases? Some nasty diseases may be crossing our southern border, as I wrote about several years ago. How many in the migrant caravan are carrying such a disease? Wouldn’t Americans want to be protected from outbreaks of chicken pox, hepatitis, and scabies?

    Fast forward to the present and look what’s happening in New York City, as reported by the New York Post last week. “The number of tuberculosis cases in New York City suddenly jumped by 10 percent last year — the largest increase since 1992.”

    TB is common in drug abusers but also in immigrants from certain countries. From the NY Post: “TB disproportionately affects foreign-born New Yorkers — accounting for 86 percent of all cases in the city.” Where in particular, you might ask?

    “Many of the infected city residents came from China, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, India or Mexico.” Some of the same countries participating in the migrant caravan. Could contagious diseases be another Trojan horse hiding within the caravan?

    Less dangerous is scabies, which as reported last year, is “on the rise among migrants” in Paris. When you bring there here, here becomes there.

    Then there are drugs, already crossing the border with ease, which have no need of hiding in a Trojan horse. What about weapons? Is every backpack being carried through Mexico to the U.S. being searched? How easy would it be to bring a biological or chemical weapon, hiding with the masses of people making up the caravan?

    What is the U.S. doing about this? The left is encouraging this mass migration as it supplies future Democrat voters necessary for them to advance their left-wing agenda. Republicans, concerned more about the well-being of the Chamber of Commerce and their other donors than they are about the American people, have been mum.

    Mexico now claims to be stopping the caravan, allowing some migrants to seek asylum and others to be returned to their home countries. Perhaps the threats of economic sanctions have caught the attention of Mexican leaders. Similar to how a threatened trade war brought China to the negotiating table. Will this be the last of such caravans?

    It remains to be seen as other reports dispute Mexican claims. Pueblos Sin Fronteras, declared the caravan would continue onward to and across the border. Who is telling the truth, the Mexican government or the immigration group supporting the caravan?

    Regardless of whether Mexico is serious or just posturing, this is a slow pitch for President Trump to hit out of the park. Aside from unleashing an economic tsunami upon Mexico for aiding and abetting this mass migration, his signature campaign issue is ready to be hit into the upper decks.

    Remember the omnibus spending bill with $700 billion in defense spending? And that the president has much more spending discretion with an omnibus spending bill than an actual budget?

    It’s a golden opportunity for President Trump, under the blanket of national security and protecting the homeland from an invasion of sorts, to direct the military to secure our border via troops and a wall. Whether through the Army Corps of Engineers or private contractors, the time is ripe for Trump to make good on his campaign promise from that day he rode down the Trump Tower escalator and announced his candidacy.

    If Democrats and even Republicans don’t like it, let them go on record defending mass migration of unvetted young men from who knows where, bringing who knows what into America. Waiting for Ryan and McConnell to do anything is like waiting for Hillary Clinton to go away. They will have excuses, just as they did for repealing Obamacare and passing a fiscally responsible spending bill.

    Trump is the last chance to stop this invasion. Ignoring the problem is the surest way for him to lose his supporters. As he told us repeatedly, he would build the wall and make Mexico pay for it. The time is ripe to make good on that promise.
    Matthew 19:26
    But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.

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    Of course, it's a Trojan Horse and has been for years. They're invading our country to take it over.
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